This is a great new site I happened upon, and has agreed to become a new affiliate to TWF! Please visit this site often!

This is the site I spawned from.

If you want to add your site to the list e-mail me at , and I'll have you put this banner on your page, and link it to .. then I will do the same for you.. if you don't want to go through the e-mail work, then post in public that the link is up on your site and I'll do the same for you.. thanx.. TCO the TWF CEO : Jerry Smith


Violence Is Good Wrestling! This E-Fed may not be much in communication between players but their matches are the best side cracking shows I have ever read in my life! This E-Fed is one of the best unrecognized E-Feds out there today!

The FTW is a new E-Fed out there, so for those just starting, who are looking for a place to warm up first, I suggest to this fed first, and if your wrestler does well in FTW, he or she can bring the reputation with them to the TWF!

British Internet Wrestling Association