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Realm of Dreams

The Battle Ground

This room is for a squire to Learn how to battle others for his honour and that of those in need. This room may also be used by existing knights to do battle with a foe or to continue to improve their skills in the art of the dual and jousting




Some Knights at the field practicing the noble art of swordplay




Fight with honour and Valour

Thee shalt enter the field with

head held high and sword 

drawn to face thine enemies 




The Battle fought the blood it flows, The Knights tired

no joy to be told. Their Valour met the honour done

no enemies left for a knight to shun. May this night

remembered thine glory retold in stories bold.

The wasted life now not forgotten they rest in peace 

down under ground for now new glory is to be found.


King of Dreams


hts with ho






King of Dreams


Queen Vi Dreams