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Okay... All the sound files here are .wav files, if your computer does not support them, gomen nasai, they are the only ones available to me ^_^() just read the descriptions to the right, and when you find one you like, click the link on the left to download, save, then open, and enjoy!

Pink Sugar Heart Attack Chibi Moon's ridiculous attack
Chibi Chibi Giggles Chibi Chibi gives such a kawaii little giggle!
Doughnut Chibi Chibi says "doughnut"
Chibi Chibi... Chibi Chibi sounds a bit confused/depressed
Mekotenai? Mamo-ruunano... Mekotenai? Something along the lines of, "No have? No hope?"
Chibi chibi! A bit more hyper.. "Chibi Chibi!"