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Chibi-Usa is Neo Queen Selenity and King Endymion's daughter from the 30th century. Her real name is Usagi Chiba (Usagi after her mother), but she is called Chibi-Usa in the present to differentiate her from Usagi. In the future Chibi-Usa is addressed as Princess Small Lady. Chibi-Usa does have a rather unamicable personality, especially towards Usagi in the present. Chibi-Usa is introduced in Sailor Moon R, right after the defeat of Ail and Ann. Her entrance is not quite as graceful as the adorned Chibi Chibiís to say the least.. she drops from the sky, and lands right on Usagiís head in the middle of Usagi and Mamo-chanís date. She says, "I am Usagi," which creeps Usagi out so much, and Chibi-Usa at that moment realizes who holds the ginzuishou (Silver Imperium Crystal).Chibi Usa then uses hypnosis on Ikuko-Mama-San, gaining her stay as Usagiís cousin in the Tsukino household. Chibi-Usa had no idea that Usagi and Mamoru were her future parents, she had come back in time because the Black Moon had attacked the future city of Crystal Tokyo where she lived. She believed that she needed the ginzuishou to save her family. During the last stages of the battle with the Black Moon, Chibi-Usa was turned into the infamous Wicked Lady. She was healed right before the defeat of Wiseman. Wiseman was only defeated by the use of both Sailor Moon's ginzuishou and the ginzuishou that Chibi-Usa kept inside of her. After the defeat of Wiseman, she returns to the future to live with her family. We don't see her again until around the middle of the next season, Sailor Moon S. She appears in the form of Sailor Chibi Moon and tries (rather comically) to save Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars from danger. Afterwards, we find that she was sent back to train with the Sailor team both as a soldier, and more importantly on how to meet people and make friends(it is difficult for her to do this in the future, where she is princess and no one can get close to her because of her rank). Sailor Chibi Moon stays with the group until a little way into the last season, when she finally returns to the future. One rather disturbing fact of Chibi-Usa is her strong love for Mamo-chan. He is her father, yes, but she often times thinks of him as a husband rather than a father, and makes Usagi extremely jealous. In the manga Chibi-Usaís want for a relationship with her father is even stronger. She feels guilty for loving Helios because it seems to her it would be like having an affair with Mamo-chan. Sailor Chibi Moon is often used as comic relief in battle. Her "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" is used mainly as a distraction and could never do any real damage. In Super S Chibi Moon becomes useful as a sailor scout being that she is the one who can summon Pegasus to give Sailor Moon the power to use her attack. I'm not a tremendously big Chibi Moon fan, but I have to admit I find her much more amiable in the Japanese episodes. If you've only seen the dubbed episodes, you will probably think that she is the most vexing character to plague Sailor Moon. The Japanese episodes are loads easier to respect. Her voice is not nearly as agitating.