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ChibiChibi is the mysterious little girl who one good day floats down from the sky using her umbrella, in the SailorStars season. She's very cute and affectionate, she can't really talk, and mostly repeats what she hears. She has quite an appetite for doughnuts, and she has a knack for getting herself in dangerous and weird situations. She's cheerful and happy, she's full of energy, she's very curious, she's very kawaii, and she is also a Sailor Senshi: SailorChibiChibiMoon.
Chibi Chibi is perhaps two years old, judging by her babyish looks. Her origin is unkown, though she successfully tests the theory that Ikuko-Mama-san (Usagi's mom) has a tendency to be hypnotized by just about any kawaii little girl with odango hair and an umbrella (for example Chibi-Usa ^.~). She lives in Usagi's home, as her little sister, and it has been noted that they look very much alike. She also wears an odango hairdo, though her hair is red/pink and her odangos are heart shaped (kawaii ne? ^_^) .
During the first days after she shows up, it was theorized that she might be Usagi's daughter but Setsuna-san says Small Lady (ChibiUsa) is an only child. It is even thought she may be Chibi-Usa's daughter. At first, everyone tries to be careful around her, but she is just too kawaii to resist, and even Luna doesn't hide her ability to talk from her. Later, it is revealed that she is a Sailor Senshi, and gives Usagi a new power. She also helps Princess Kakyuu, whom the Starlights were looking for. ChibiChibi seems to carry immense power within her, and even though she manages to help the Senshi in their battle against Galaxia, she does not reveal her true identity until the very end.
In the manga comic book, ChibiChibi does get to say more than just "ChibiChibi" and the occasional repetition. Her Sailor fuku includes a pair of very kawaii wings! ^_^ She has a different identity than in the anime series.
But whichever ChibiChibi's true identity is, she is the keeper of immense power. Still, it doesn't matter, since she is also the most adorable character in Sailor Moon! ^_^