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--April 17, 2001
      Wow, couple new cars today. Both of them are hybrids and looking great! Check out Gary's car and Adam's Car. Both of them are looking great guys! And if you would like to see your car up along with these other great cars, just follow these guys examples and send me a picture and a little info on your car!

--March 28, 2001
      New car now in the Pictures section. Updated 91HybridZC's page with another picture and update him 1/8th mile times. Haven't had anyone send in their pictures to me for a while, please, if you do have one please just email it to me with a list of mods. And if anyone is looking for some rims for cheap I have a set for sale in the For Sale section.

--February 28, 2001
      Pictures of my car are now up in the pic's section. I'm the last car on there in the bottom right. I also included a story of my car on there. I have a few more pictures batteries ran out on the camera before I could get a lot of pictures. Thanks for visiting!

--February 26, 2001
      Updated the For Sale page. I'm in need of some extra money for some stuff so all those prices are negotiable. Going to put pictures of my car up tomorrow, just got a digital camera and they'll be up. Also added a new car into the picture section, glad to see some girl CRX drivers around here :)

--February 12, 2001
      New cars are now up almost daily! Was asked to take one down because hes selling it, but got one right back up in its place. And I must say, its a very nice car! ZC engined cars are some of my favorite! Please go see this new car, you'll probably end up loving it as much as I do! Thanks agian JDM2ner!

And its finally here, the long awaited forums!! Go check them out!!

--February 11, 2001
      Finally have pictures of my car, going to go scan them today. The pictures didn't turn out to well because of poor lighting. I now have 6 cars on my site and im working on getting a the discussion forum now. Should have it up by tomorrow or Tuesday. I've bought a short shifter, and that should be my first step by step in the how to's. If you have a CRX please send me a picture and something about your car. You can get your ideas from what others have written.

--January 29, 2001
      Another car is in the pictures section, thanks for sending it in. Should have a step by step coming up soon on how to put indiglo gauges in. For those of you who just loved the instructions that came with the gauges this should be a great help. And as that goes up so should pictures of my car, ones that you can tell what color my car really is. Thanks agian for visiting.

--January 24, 2001
      Got another car up in the pictures section, thanks to RacerX for sending it in. Its looking great! Going to have pictures of my car up here in the next couple days. and i'll give you all the low down on my story with it to. Im going through the delima of either spending my money on an engine swap or getting a nice paintjob wiht a body kit and some other stuff. Its a tough decision. Right now i'm leading towards the swap just because of how slow my car is right now. Anyways, enjoy the pics and send in yours if you'd like, no permission needed.

--January 18, 2001
      Ok, now that I got my little counter thing down there I know you people are coming. I dont care if your car is stock or heavyly mod'd. Just send me a damn picture and little story of it. I'm really into needing more content!! More the better come on!! I'd like to be able to give other people something to look at. Anyways, if I haven't mentioned yet SEND IN YOUR PICTURES AND PROFILE!! And keep it real ya'll.


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