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Welcome to Wolverine and Wolvs_Lady's Room

Welcome friends and family!! this is our first attempt at making a page to honor all of our friends we have made and to honor the friends we will make in the future (hopefully!!) we are proud members of The Wolves Of The Round Table which is a peaceful pack of family and friends if you get a chance stop by and say hello they are all nice people or you can come to Scar's paint room and get a av painted or a gest made but please while in this room respect us and our family (common courtesy goes a long ways peeps, you'd be surprised!!) lol the scarlet palace is a good place to go and have a gest made or to have your av painted believe me their good . i should know im a painter there!!! and VPFamily is a wonderful place to meet new peeps who are very helpful at solving most of the VPlaces probs you might encounter!! so kick back and pop the top off of a cold one and enjoy your vp experience!!!!! lmao (if they only knew what they were in for by being in vp) hahaha!!!

The Two of Us!!

Our Friends These are our buds and family