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Squad Names

From Mike Mcvity
Gold = Aurum

Silver = argentum

Iron = ferrum

Bronze = pyropus

Copper = aes

As far as names or titles are concerned, you might like
something like this for other people:

Standard bearer = principales

Senior sergeant of your company= primus pilus

Sergeant of the second squad = pilus secundus

Lord/ commanding officer = Legate

These are some titles that the Roman legions used,
among others.

From: Jimi Tubman

Everyone uses latin, how about using the heraldic terms
for the colours??

Gold - Or
Silver - Argent
Red - Gules
Black - Sable
Green - Vert
Purple - Purpure
Orange - Tenne
Blue - Azure


Need a name for a character ?

Uriel, Raphael, Raguel, Michael, Zerachiel, Gabriel, Remiel, Chamuel, Adabiel,
Haniel, Zaphiel, Armaros, Araqiel, Azazel, Baraqijal, Ezequeel, Gadreel,
Kokabel, Penemue, Semjaza, Shamshiel, Abbadona, Adramelec, Agares/Agreas,
Amezyarak/Amiziras, Amy, Anmael, Arakiel/Araqiel, Araziel, Ariel, Arioc,
Armaros/Abaros, Armers/Armen, Artaqifa/Arakiba, Asbeel, Asmoday, Asmodeus,
Astaroth, Astoreth/Astarte, Atarculph, Auza/Oza, Azaradel, Azaqzel, Azza,
Azzael, Balam, Baraqel/Barakel, Barbatos, Barbiel, Batarjal, Beelzebub,
Beliar/Beliel, Belphegor/Baal-Peor, Busasejal, Byleth/Beleth, Balberith, Caim,
Carivean, Carreau, Dagon, Danjal, Ezekeel/Ezequeel, Flauros/Hauras,
Forcas/Foras, Gaap, Gadreel, Gressil, Hakael, Hananel/Ananel, Harut, Iblis,
Ielahiah, Iuvart, Jeon, Jetrel, Kasdeja, Kawkabel, Lauiah/Lauviah, Leviathan,
Lucifer, Mammon, Marchosias, Marut, Mephistopheles, Meresic, Moloc/Moloch,
Mulciber, Murmur, Nelchael, Nilaihal, Oeillet, Olivier, Ouzza/Usiel,
Paimon/Paymon, Penemue, Pharmaros, Procell, Pursan, Raum/Raym, Rimmon, Rosier,
Rumael/Ramiel/Remiel, Sammael/Asmodeus, Samsaweel, Saraknyal, Sariel, Sealiah,
Semyaza/Shemhazai, Senciner, Shamshiel, Simapesiel, Sonneillon, Taboet,
Thammuz, Tumael, Turael, Turel, Urakabarameel, Usiel/Uzziel, Verrier, Verrine,
Vual/Vvall, Yomyael, Zavebe


Celtic Britain - gods & goddesses

Belatucadrus | god whose name means "fair shining one"

Cocidius | god associated either with forests and hunting (linked
with the Roman god Silvanus), or war (equated with Mars)

Condatis | god who personified the joining of two bodies of water in
the Tyne-Tees area of North Britain; also conflated with the Roman
god Mars

Mogons | god who was worshipped mainly in North Britain; his name
means "great one"

Nodens | god of healing; he is related to the Irish god Nuadu

Celtic Gaul - gods
Belenus | god of light; his name means "shining one"

Borvo | god of healing; his name is associated with springs

Cernunnos | god of fertility and animals; referred to as the "horned

Dispater | Roman god of the underworld; his cult thrived in Gaul

Esus | god equated with the Roman deities Mars and Mercury

Ogmios | gods of eloquence and knowledge; equated with Hercules

Sucellus | god of agriculture and forests; also a hammer god (his
name means "good striker")

Taranis | god whose name means "thunderer"; compared to the god

Teutates | god of war; roughly equivalent to the Roman god Mars

Celtic Ireland - heroes & heroines

Amairgen | poet & warrior who resembles the Welsh Taliesin

Cathbadh | a druid who appears in various tales of the Ulster Cycle

Conall Cernach | warrior-hero of Ulster; his name suggests his
status: Conall means "strong" and Cernach translates roughly as

Conchobar | king of Ulster; closely linked with the hero Cu Chulainn

Conn | a High King of Ireland; known as "Conn of the Hundred

Cu Chulainn | a hero and warrior par excellence; his name means
"hound of Culann"

Cu Roi | in the Ulster Cycle, he is a sorcerer who transforms
himself into various guises

Fedelma | poet and prophetess in the service of Queen Medb

Ferghus | the king of Ulster prior to Conchobar

Finn Mac Cool | hero of the Fionn Cycle; leader of the Fianna

Fintan | the salmon of knowledge


More Dark Angel Names.