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the 86 list

the 86 list...Alive and Well-representing the 808 PUNKROCK SCENE!!


us rockers






The 86 list is a three piece punkrock band from Honolulu, Hawaii. We have been playing since October 1999. Our music is heavily influenced by some of the older punkrock bands such as the Clash, X, Ramones, Minor Threat as well as groups like Operation Ivy, Dead Kennedys, Anti-Flag, and Elvis Costello. Our lyrics are semi-political addressing such issues as police brutality, education, government corruption, racism, the military, and civil rights.

We have shared the stage with Anti-Flag, Dropkick Murphys, The Bouncing Souls, Strung Out, The Line, Youth Brigade, Goldfinger, New Found Glory, The Sea and Cake, The Riff Randals, Swingin' Utters, One Man Army, Drowning Adam, Nothing Yet, The Secretions, The Jag Offs, Suicide Machines, No Motive, Stereo Typewriter, Mike Park and many amazing band that play in the 808.

We have recorded Three albums:

"disaster" 2001

"our neighborhood" -2003

"tattoo"-March, 2004

"86" -February, 2007


The 86 List is:

Otto Cake: Bass and backup vocals.

Josh 86: Guitar and lead vocals.

Derek Hoeft: Drums and backup vocals.


Aloha, SO 86 List is still going strong after 9 years now!! WOW. We are currently on tour with S-1 Atomic in Californi, and are here till July 19th. We released our 4th album last year titled "86" and sales have been good so far. Otto still hand builds the CD cases and even spray painted sections of the Jewel case, continuing 86 List's custom DIY production. We plan on recording and releasing a new album in winter of this year. The current line up is still Otto, Josh86, and Derek86. We have also added Kat from Left Alone, though he doesn't live in Hawaii, he frequently visits and plays with us when he is in town. I cant describe in words how proud I am to be in this band with these awesome people. I have had so many great experiences and cant wait to see where 86 takes us next. "seems like we'll be here forever, but we still rock day to day, seems like we'll be here forever, we dont know no other way!" Cheers! and thanks for the support. OI!!

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