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The Story of The 86 List

It all began during the middle of 1999. I was in search of a drummer, and Derek had just arrived from Chicago. He was in a band called Illegal Operation that disbanded after he moved here. I was previously in Real American Zero's which died when our bass player left to join the military. We started jamming and decided to stray away from the newschool poppy sound that was invading punkrock. We wanted to play music that was more in touch with the roots, in sound and ideologies. It clicked and the song "Boots and a bag of bones" was our first song followed by "Strong Minds Live."

We played music through the school year as we managed to survive through days of torment at Kahuku High School. There were only a handful of kids in to punk music, as compared to the years before. We were determined to find a band name, and a bass player. We tried jamming with kids we went to school with, but they just didnt understand our music. Then we jammed with some guys who were total flakes and had no idea what practice meant. We thought we were set when we met Chris, AKA Beatrice. He was great, but he too joined the army.

Finding a band name was equally difficult. We were first called The Strike but that name is already taken, and then we were called The Conflicts but people said it sounded too much like Conflict which was already a band also. Our first show was approaching and we had no name. My very first band was called Red All Over so I was hoping to find another band name with Red in it. The name Red Tape stuck for a while, but then, we found out it was already a band name TOO!

Otto joined the band right after our 100th bass player joined the army. He simply wanted to jam and was willing to drive all the way out to the northshore to do so. Otto was in the band when we had the whole Conflicts and Red Tape Problems, and he agreed on our new name which wasnt taken, THE 86 LIST.

The name refers to a list at the coffee shop I work at that tells us which things we are out of and need to re-order. The term 86 also means to get rid of, or give the boot to. We though that this was appropriate and original since many of our songs are about things that got to go, or things that we dont have that we should have. The term originate in new york during the time of the speakeasys and when these would get shut down everyone would exit the popular location onto 86 street.

We practiced every thursday, and Otto made the drive from Honolulu. Derek and I thought that this showed much dedication, which was very important to us since we had played with so many flakes.

Our first show was at Phillips graduation party on July 2, 2000 at the Haleiwa gym. We had fun and people even sang along (amazingly). After that we were supposed to play with the Casualties, but the show got cancelled. Our next show was at 1739 on Sept 22, 2000 is conjunction with the release of The Filth and the Fury. After that we played at UH ballroom for a benefit to help raise awareness on police brutality and the Mumia situation. After that I forget.

Here we are now. I have heard that we suck, and I have heard that we rock. I dont really care because I am having fun and so are the other 86ists. Music is a form of self-expression, self being the key word. What others think doesnt matter. I am glad that there are the kids that comes to our shows to help sing along, and support Unity, but I am not naieve; I know that there will be those who are not impressed, and would rather sit outside and talk shit or drink than listen to us. That is fine, because I am having fun inside, with this kids who make it all worth it, with the few who still care about what this whole musical movement was and still is about. As One Stand Together.

Then Derek has left the band because his parents moved to the mainland (his dad is in the military) and he chose to go with them. The 86 list was in the process of practicing with a new drummer named Sean. we hoped he would prove to be just as amazing as Derek was as a member of the 86 list.

UPDATED: 11-27-01

Currently we have a new drummer and a new second guitarist.

Sean from Aiea (we don't know his last name) is our new drummer, and he has added a few new friend to the 86 list as well as his mad drumming skills. Though he doesn't talk much, he expresses himself through his music, which is bleeding with passion and realism. He sings louder than I do.

Spencer AKA Spanky is also a new member of the 86 list. He has been a key member in creating a new energy to the band that was non-existent prior to his arrival. Spencer was a close friend to Derek and I cant help thinking that he is part Derek somehow. They both have oppressive religious parents and are both into the manual labor workforce as opposed to the social work that Otto and I do. Spencer has smashed his guitar on stage, frequently abandons the band to dance in the pit, and have equipment problems. Though most of the time he is tuning, or kicking the shit out of his sucky ass homemade amp, he still remains a vital member to the list.

Recently We have had a big show at World Cafe opening up for New Found Glory. Though they are not an admired band in our opinion, it was still a great opportunity for us to play in front of a crowd that generally turns its ears in other directions. We also have slot opening for Youth Brigade, Swinging Utters, Bouncing Souls, and Strung out. If you are reading this post December 8, then we have played this show, and I believe we rocked. Plans for a tour on the west coast this summer is underway, and we are currently involved in fundraiser shows for this event. The 86 list is alive and well continues to critique with a sharp tongue what has been accepted in our society and will continue until they sew our mouths shut.

UPDATED: 4-23-02:

It appears that the 86 list has finally come to an end again. I have lived most of my life here in Hawaii and I have decided to spend a year or two on the mainland to kinda try something new. Though Hawaii is my home I would like to experience living in another environment to experiment with my own independence. I will be spending most of the summer in Europe with Maria, and then she will be going to Ohio to go to school and I will be going to California. Things are going to be very different and exciting. I plan to keep playing music and the punkrock spirit that has givin so much to me will never be left out of my expression style. I have had a hard time singing in the 86 list because I never took any type of voice classes, and it has gotten harder and harder to sing with every show. I plan on taking a voice/singing class in California so I can continue expressing myself through song.

Otto and Sean are actually considering moving to California as well. Though still uncomfirmed I will update this when needed. Spanky left the band after the youth Brigade show due to redirected ambition. Good Luck to him and his future happiness. It was fun.

the 86 list played their last show on 4-20-2002 To handful of diehard 86 kids. It was beautiful seeing some of my best friends singing Too Free For Me for the last time. May the memory and Unity of the 86 list live on in the Hawaiian punkrock scene for the next generation and the punkrockers who see that it's not....the end of reality.

86 for life
updated 02-24-03

Yeah dogg. We are back. The mainland life didn't work. I missed my friends, family and 808 scene too much. Europe was amazing. I have learned a lot about my self over the past year or so. I came back to Hawaii in late september to visit, and fell back in love with the island. 86 List played a show while I was here, and it was amazing. I returned for good in the beginning of October. We practiced and began playing shows again. We were able to open up for Anti-Flag, bouncing Souls, One man Army, and Drowning Adam which was rad. Anti-Flag is one of my favorite bands and I was able to talk to Justin Sane a little about music and politics. Currently we have played nearly 30 shows or so since I have returned and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

In Mid February we released our second album "Our Neighborhood" a 15 song real CD containing some tracks from "disaster" as well as new material. The CDs cost a lot to make, but we still have been selling them for 5 bucks. Our CD release party was nuts. We sold over 100 copies that first nite.

We have a west coast tour scheduled for May 20-June 10 and are in the process of fundraising. The tour originally was an idea by Dimple of Buddah Toy Soldier, and was going to be a 3 band tour including Black Square as well. Sadly only the 86 list will be going as the other bands face certain delimmas. We will represent proudly the 808 that we have come from. Derek may be returning to Oahu. In that case we may be recruiting a 2nd guitarist. We will see. He was able to play with us with Anti-Flag as he was visting for christmas. It was way cool.

So we are alive and full of energy. I want to change the world yah know. Things can be better and music is my weapon. I will keep writing and rockin out propagandhi said "everyone gets everything they need." Keep it goin. Keep singin. Keep feelin the energy that connects us. UNITY!!!

updated October 24th 2003

The 86 list is still going strong. We recently celebrated our 4 year anniversary at otto's bakery. A lot has changed, yet it seems like the same as it did when we first startd. I still get excited every time before we play.

We went on a 3 week west coast tour from may 20th to June 10th. We played about 15 shows and had many adventures including otto and I having to sleep on the sidewalk in san francisco and riding roller coasters at magic mountain. TR from ktuh's "radical noise addiction" show joined us to play sax on a few songs. Also Doug Upp came along to help out with Merch sales and navigation. We were recieved really well and were able to play with the bands Drowning Adam, the Riff Randals, and tons of other rad local bands from all over.

When we returned from the tour we heard that Derek, our original drummer would be returning from the mainland. At this point Sean was getting involved in a serious relationship and was planning on moving away. We had one last show with him in Hawaii as a guest drummer on 2 free for me, and said farewell.

So, derek is back, we plan on recording in december, and are possibly going on another mainland tour in 2004. The shows have been amazing here in Hawaii, and new music is being born with new life, energy, and love...and it's all still punkrock.


On Friday the 12th of November 2004, 86 list played to a packed room at Club Pauahi for what will probably be their last show. I know we've said it before, (you never really know about these things) but due to Otto's back injury it actually may have been the last, last show. Otto has developed severe arthritis in his spinal chord, which makes it very painful to do many things he is used to doing including playing bass. He will be moving to the mainland for some time to take it easy.

The 86 List played together for 5 years, which is a pretty good run for a band on an Island. The shows, friends, experiences, energy, and unity we shared with everyone will never be forgotten. Those of you who were there know what it was like. I'll always remember the fists in the air, the crowd singing along, the positive pit, the smiles and all the magic that went down. The smell of sweat and bodies. The chipped teeth, the bloody lips. All the people who played with us. The kids who said thanks after the show and took the time to shake our hands. The friends that were made in the pit, or outside the club. That stuff is gold. That is the kind of stuff you never forget. Thanks all of you for being apart of it. Being in the 86 List has changed my life. It has shaped me into who I am today, and will continue to influence my life. I love punkrock music and I love the 86 list. Never forget what this is all about. Never forget what you care about. Share that energy, share that unity, and share that magic. The 86 List says...till the next last show...Aloha Oi!!

UPDATED December 12th, 2006

At this point...The 86 List is once again alive and well. Basically we were asked to play many events over the course of our several month long "hiatas" and could no loger turn them down. People wanted to hear the music. We performed our first offical show opening up for legendary Hawaii punk band the Knumbskulls during the summer of 2005. The show went very well and our rehersals seemed to be extreemly fluid as the pressure to "make it" seemed to have dissapeared. Before the previous demise, we had been contemplating the possibility of getting signed to a label, or moving to the mainland. That pressure was now gone and we were simply happy to be paying music together.

We have just sent out the master CD for our 4th album, titled "86" and the release date is set for February 2006. We are very excited to be releasing a brand new full length album and are considering a westcoast tour tentatively scheduled for early summer of 2007.

The 86 List is once again alive and well and here to represent the 808 punkrock scene. Oi!!!


Aloha, SO 86 List is still going strong after 9 years now!! WOW. We are currently on tour with S-1 Atomic in Californi, and are here till July 19th. We released our 4th album last year titled "86" and sales have been good so far. Otto still hand builds the CD cases and even spray painted sections of the Jewel case, continuing 86 List's custom DIY production.

We plan on recording and releasing a new album in winter of this year. The current line up is still Otto, Josh86, and Derek86. We have also added Kat from Left Alone, though he doesn't live in Hawaii, he frequently visits and plays with us when he is in town.

I cant describe in words how proud I am to be in this band with these awesome people. I have had so many great experiences and cant wait to see where 86 takes us next. "seems like we'll be here forever, but we still rock day to day, seems like we'll be here forever, we dont know no other way!"

Cheers! and thanks for the support. OI!!