Journey to Japan

A Day in the Life of a Japanese Child

a Webquest by Nancy Leek

Introduction The Task     The Process   Resources  Evaluation   Conclusion


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be live in another country?  What would be different?  What would be the same?  What would you eat for breakfast?  What games would you play?

Our class is going to journey to Japan and find out how Japanese children live.  You will become a Japanese child, choose a Japanese name, and tell us about your family, your school, and your favorite things to do.

The Task

Your task is to create a book that will tell about the daily life of a Japanese child; a book about "you."  Your writing, research, and product will be from the viewpoint of a Japanese elementary school student.  You will "be" your Japanese character.

The cover of the book will have a picture that you have created of your character and your Japanese name.  Each page in the book will tell about your daily life and about your favorite things.  You can illustrate your book with your own drawings or with pictures you print from Internet.

The Process

Decide whether you are a Japanese boy or a Japanese girl.  Pick a Japanese name for yourself.

Write about your life as a Japanese student.

1.  What is your favorite food?
2.  What is your favorite class at school?
3.  What after-school club do you belong to?
4.  What is your favorite folktale?
5.  What is your favorite holiday?
6.  Who is your favorite cartoon or movie character?

Answer each of the questions with information you will find in Internet web pages or in books.

Use this worksheet to record your information.

Using the worksheets, make pages for your book with a picture and text for each question.  On each page, write at least two sentences describing your answer to the question.  Tell what your favorite is and why.  Remember! you are a Japanese child in your book, so write in that "voice."  Draw a picture that shows what you are describing.


1.  What is your favorite food?

Is it miso soup, sushi, soba, shabu shabu, udon, or okonomiyaki? 

Or is it hanbaga (hamburger), 
piza (pizza), 
or kare (curry and rice)?

A Japanese Cookbook for Kids

Popular Japanese Main Dishes

Virtual Japanese Restaurant

How to Hold Chopsticks

Popular Foods Among Japanese Children

Zarusoba: Cold noodles with 
dipping sauce

Or look for this book in your library:

2.  What is your favorite class at school? 

Japanese children study much the same subjects as American kids.  Math, reading, writing, computers, science, history, physical education, art, and music.  How would your favorite subject be taught in Japan?

Japanese Schools

A Day at School

At the computer lab.



Or read about schools in one of these books in the library:


3.  What after-school club do you belong to?

Do you like sports?  Is music your thing?  Or do you like arts and crafts?

Club Activities

6 Fun After-School Club Activities

Playing Shogi (Japanese chess) after school


4.  What is your favorite folktale?

Folk Legends of Japan

Folktales from Japan

Momotaro---The Peach Boy

Or look for these books by Yoshiko Uchida in your library:


5.  What is your favorite holiday? 

New Year's Day, Girls' Day, Boys' Day (now known as Children's Day), and many more make Japan a fun place for festivals.

Japanese Celebrations

Japanese Calendar

Japanese Holidays

Or read about Japanese holidays in this book:


6.  Who is your favorite cartoon or movie character?

Did you know that many popular cartoon shows and movies come from Japan?

Famous Japanese Characters


Now that you have completed your book, ask yourself these questions:


The book you create about your Japanese boy or girl will be on display during the Japanese Festival.  You will have an opportunity to share what you learned with everyone who comes to the Festival.