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Tri-Sigma's Philanthropies

Our chapter participates in many philanthropic activities in our community. The theme for Sigma Sigma Sigma's philanthropy is "Sigma Serves Children." So, we do many things involving children, but we also do several other things to help the community.

The Robbie Page Memorial

The Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation centers its philanthropic efforts around the theme "Sigma Serves Children," specifically though the Robbie Page Memorial. Established following the 1951 death of the son of the Sorority's National President, RPM supported various polio research projects, including the Salk vaccine trials.

Long ranged programming to develop and support play therapy for hospitalized children began at North Carolina Memorial Hospital. By focusing on the emotional and developmental needs of hospitalized children, funds raised by collegiate and alumnae chapters were used not only to establish playrooms, but to create a specialized field of study for professionals in child development and associated health care professions.

Current national efforts are centered on supporting the play therapy programs at the University of North Carolina Hospital in Chapel Hill and Children's Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. In support of RPM, our chapter holds many fundraisers. Also, we are hoping to be able to travel to Dallas to see how the play therapy wing of the hospital is developing.


Focusing On Children

Like many people, we adore children. So it only makes sense that we try to participate in community service and different activities that involve children. One of the things that we partake in is volunteering for Parent University. While the parents are in the workshop, we watch their children. It gives the parents the opportunity to attend without having to worry about paying for a babysitter. It's a lot of fun. We colored and made crafts with the kids. We even made little paper Sigma necklaces to wear. :) The second picture was taken with some of the kids that were there with us. (Lori J. is in back, second from the right, Hillary is in front of her, and Shannon is at the far front right).

Another thing that we do is dress up on Halloween and bring goody bags to the children in our local hospitals. We had things like coloring books, crayons, and little toys for the kids. It really brightened up their day. (Shannon, Lori J., and Sarah).

We also started doing the same thing for Easter. We bring the children in hospitals Easter baskets.


Focusing On Children

We also participate in many other activities in our community. Volunteering in the community is important to us. Whenever we can, we help out at the Boys and Girls club. This year we made a quilt using the kids' hands. Each year we donate books and games to the local hospitals. Among many things, we also participate in Lawton/Ft. Sill's annual Moonlight Walk Against Drugs, the March of Dimes, send packages overseas for our troops, help out at Giddy-up-and Go, adopted 4 local elementary classrooms, and have collected food and clothing for shelters.

From October 2-8, 2000, we volunteered in the Lawton Community project, Kids Zone. We also bought a brick that is now displayed at Kids Zone and has our chapter's name on it. This is a great opportunity for us because not only are we out in the community volunteering, but we are doing it for our main cause - children. For more information on what Kids Zone is, you can check out their webpage:

Kids Zone

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