Poems of Love and Heartbreak

My heart is shattered
I don't know why
It's been a long time
since my last cry
When will this be over
I want this to end
With you in my arms
Smiling again
This love that I have
For you my dear
I will prove to you
With every tear
My soul burns with passion
My heart with desire
Only you can quench
This unquenchable fire

If you could see inside my heart
You would see it torn apart
Without you close, by my side
I want to run away and hide
Everywhere I look, I see your face
I can't escape this lonley place
My tears fall down, one by one
I can't believe your really gone
My life goes on so dark and dreary
Day by day without you with me
I stand in faith for that fateful day
when you come back to me and say:

You have your life I have mine
We've both carved our place in time
I had hoped we would be together
Sharing our lives from now till forever
In reflection of what we had
I think to myself it wasn't bad
Although, now I can see
That what we had is history
You have your life I have mine
We've both carved our place in time
We're not together, but I don't fret
Because what we had I don't regret

As the icey wind blows through the door
It freezes my face where the tears are no more
My heart is sickened with the pain that is gone
Only a remnant remains of our dysfunctional song
I woke up this morning with you on my mind
Us joking and laughing, of all the good times
Then of you leaving, walking out the front door
And that was the end you would love me no more
I was crippled with greif, drowning in sorrow
All I could do was look to tomorrow
Today you are gone, but that is today
Maybe tomorrow will be better some way
Now it is over and I've made it through
The saddening duration of me without you
The memories of the pain, from that sad
Are all that I have and my "INSPIRATION"

Why do I do this to myself
I take my love off of the shelf
And send to someone so fair
But love is something we can't share
I don't know why I do this to me
I don't understand why you just can't see
That we could make a wonderful pair
But love is something we can't share
My love for you is something real
Words can't describe just how I feel
Across the room I see you there
But your love is something you won't share
with me.

Two hearts on fire, two hearts' desire
One to be with the other
How can this be? So magically
They belong one to another.
They dance amidst the flames of love
Wondering what will be.
Will it work? Will it not?
Will they have to flee?
Only time will tell: The things unseen,
Of the hearts that dance together.
May the future tell of a wondrous love
The two shall share forever.

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