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In this page you will meet the amazing of life, such as "Music", important of Health & Safety, Hospital Safety Statement and about the Believers of Islam. In Health and Safety those are drawn for Hospital workers are very useful to have! Music, mostly Indonesiansongs are designed in midi, wav or mp3 formatted, others are west songs. All the subjects here can be down loaded, free & easy !
And Not To Forget,Please Submit Your Ideas, Articles or Your Suggestion In This Site, Your ideas Are Very Useful To See.
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Remember on the Belowest of this page there are special links of Doctor World, Occupational Health & Safety, important to see - unlucky to leave, come on check yes!

What do you think
about health?

What do you think
about safety?

Health & Safety are
the first priority
in the workplace
Health is not
every thing
but without health
is nothing

A professional is
someone who can do
his best work
when he doesn't
feel like it
The hardest thing
in life to learn
is which bridge
to cross and
which to burn


Environmental Health & Safety.
In this page is presented specially for Environmental Health & Safety, including the important Hospital Health and safety, which one is very useful for the hospitals those will be accredited by law. The best of content of Environmental Health & Safety has been taken from very qualified related books, which are designed by the famous Authors, so don't delay to read it and down load for free !
Islam understood and Wisdom
They are not only words, but really in the day of my life and yours, Islam of course not a danger or zionism, It of course understood to you all and wisdom for all of the world and is the right way of life, look for and think for it! And Submit Your articles
Indonesian eternal songs
In this page you will find the old Indonesian songs, those we call "lagu abadi (eternal songs)" you will hear the melody in format midi, wav, ram or nice to hear, to forget all lived tension or exhausted after hours.
You can down load all songs free and easy, if you in difficult to down load please let me know by email.
The Amazing Stories
Life has been going on without delay, any trouble in it is a must, at here you can read many real story about life, may be a funny one or a sadness, or you are interesting to submit some your personal stories ? Do not hesitate, please send them to me or any comments ?

Here's Mang Ali poetries collection, if you interest just click and if you are "penyair" please send me yours, to put them in side. See Kahlil Gibran,etc.
Home Sweet Home
Please let me tell by photos about my sweet home, a brief about me and my family. If you want to know more about me and my family are welcome.
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Kalo Bagus, Kamsia..Ya,
Kalo Jelek, Ya Kayak Engkong Gue!

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The greatest power is
often simple patience.
A loving heart is
the truest wisdom
Praise does wonders
for the sense of hearing.
Necessity is the mother
of taking chance.

What the world really need
is more love
and less paper work.
If you only look at what is,
you might never attain
what could be

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