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Paul Jones Originals

Crazy Horse Save The Eagle Dancer Ghost Dancer Bound by Honor The Angels of Sante Fe A River of Tears
Sacred Waters The Shaman's Mask Prayer of Innonence Yellow Knife Stands Proud The Eagle Dancer

These timeless masterpieces are destined to become lucrative among Southwest art enthusiasts. The essence of the West is captured in detail with each Alabaster sculpture.

Renowned sculptor Paul Jones is well known for his original creations in sand stone, wood, fossilized Ivory, soap stone, Alabaster, elk and moose antlers, and turquoise.

Jones began carving on sand stone and antlers and gradually started working with Alabaster. Most of his work is done in Alabaster, but he will work on most types of stone upon request.

He and his beautiful wife, Denise, have been married for 21 years and have three very artistic children: April, Oda, and Tosha, all of whom have been turning heads at art shows and winning their own ribbons and awards.

Paul would like his proud owners of his visions to know each piece is an original. There are no two the same.

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