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United States of America Genealogy Guide - Italian Genealogy Online

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United States of America Genealogy Guide
Free links & Tools for Genealogy Research in the USA

Genealogical Information on this page can help you uncover your USA FamilyTree Archives and Discover Your Heritage. There are links for beginners to Self-Educate, while others can use these Tips to Brush up on the Basics. Scroll down to find specific USA Family Tree Research Information and General Ancestry Search tips.
Help Page USA & More: Click on Topic Below for genealogical tips
BASIC Family Tree Research for all - Basic "how to guides" to research, pedigree charts, figuring relationships, keeping genealogical records, free genealogy forms
Personal Ancestral File Downloads, PAF User sites, Free Genealogy Software
CENSUS RECORDS - Tips, Enumeration District lookup, Soundex Generators, Free Online database links
Freedom of Information Act Request
Social Security Application REQUEST Form Letter
United States of America Government Records -US National Archives (NARA), FBI, Military Records & more
Cemeteries and Death Indexes-plenty of online searches and databases
Large Genealogy Sites including LDS Family History - microfilm instructions
People Finding Resources - email, telephone look-ups, yellow pages...

Other Genealogy Help Pages on this site__________________________
SHIP Passenger Arrival Lists - online searches and info on finding your Immigrant Archives on Ships Lists.
Translation Help - Genealogy Words, Archaic Medical Terms, Italian, Latin, & more.


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BASIC Family Tree Research & Genealogy Information for all

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Personal Ancestral File Downloads, PAF User Groups

(PAF) FamilySearch simplifies your genealogical record keeping. Windows-based, Free program, print reports and charts and supports GEDCOM [Genealogical Data Communications]. PAF4 is *much* easier to read and use with a larger, clearer type face although PAF-5 creates better Family Tree WebPages. Therefore, I use both of them. Paf is *extremely* user-friendly and easy, easy, easy to use. I love it. PAF is almost effortless to use and I never had to read the directions. A big plus for me is that PAF is NOT bloat-ware so it doesn't slow up the computer. PAF also does *not* FEED information about you back to the companies who created it like some snoopware. PAF is very compact and easy to view, and it does NOT spy on you, so I've stuck with it.

I have tried many genealogy programs such as Ancestral Quest, BrothersKeeper, FamilyTreeMaker, Legacy, RootsMagic, The Master Genealogist, and more. NOT ONE one of them is/was as simple, effortless and straight forward as PAF. You can practically use it while you're sleeping it is so easy. So I UNinstalled the others, got the junk cleaned out of my hard-drive (cache, temp files, etc) that the other programs installed in different places and 'Thank God' someone here knows how to clean out my Computer Registry and I happily returned to PAF. You can be exhausted and distracted and Paf is still simple and easy to use.
NO PROBLEM. Paf runs on W98se, W2k, XP, Win7, W8 and more. GO HERE Go here to learn about running PAF 5.2 on a Win 8 TABLET and also using W I N E to run Paf on a MAC: Personal Ancestral File Forum

If you know of any other places where PAF programs can be freely downloaded send me an email and I will add them. Peace out, Paula

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CENSUS RECORDS, Soundex Generators Links & Tips

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Obtaining USA Government Records

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Cemetery, Death, Funeral Home, Grave Lookups

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Large Genealogy Sites including "LDS" Family History

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