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This Italiangenealogy site exists so that you can learn how to do your own Italy Family Tree Research. if you are looking for Italian Surnames, Ancestors, living Italian Relatives or if you have genealogical research questions Please post on the Italy Roots message board .

Please do not email me asking for information about Italian Family members because I would not know. Please do not send me your SURNAME to post.  I delete or bounce all emails requesting that sort of information. Instead browse our free Italian Genealogy message board and excellent links and perhaps you will find your answers. Post genealogical queries on all relevant Italian surname and genealogy topics on our Italy Roots Message Forum. Please read the facts below my email "gif" and then send me a message "if" your comment falls within the guidelines.  Sorry, I do not have time to answer personal genealogy questions nor do I have time to do Italy Genealogy Research for others.

My E-mail address is displayed in this way so that marketers cannot easily intercept it for junk mail purposes:

Please, do NOT send me "sales pitches" as this is a hobby - NOT_a_commercial site. I delete Spam every day without reading it or opening it. If your e-mail "looks" like Spam, it will probably get deleted.  I delete unsigned mail.

Thank You for your understanding in these matters,

If you have something you want me to look at, I will look at links, so send me the URL.  If you want me to consider your site for addition on one of my pages, please specify the page.  Sorry but sites with excessive amounts of advertising cannot be added to any of the sites I freely maintain.

     PLEASE DO !     
Mail me about problems associated with links on any of the Web pages, which I actually maintain. This includes all the pages on these free Italian Genealogy Homepages:

"Italian Genealogy ONLINE"
and all things Italian Ancestry Genealogical Research Site"

"Italian Ancestry Family Tree Genealogies"
"Italian Genealogy Online Message Board / Italy Roots Forum"
"San Fele Italian Family Tree Genealogy Connections" *

  Please DO  NOT: 

Please do NOT send me surname queries, GEDCOMs, or general questions about genealogy, computers, or the Web. After several years of experience, I know that the best way for me to handle such mail is to ignore it. This keeps the blood pressure of everybody concerned at the lowest possible level. I maintain my site so that others can learn to do their own Genealogy Research by reading through the Italian Genealogy Tool Page links and posting on our Italy Roots - ItalianGenealogy Online Message Board. There are not enough hours in the day or week to personally answer the multitude of requests I receive for this type of information and maintain websites and message boards too.  'Occasionally' I respond to questions posted on my message board so that we may all learn from them although if you CLICK HERE and go through all the pages on the Genealogy Tool List on this site you will find your answer especially if you read the notes next to the links and give your attention to the valuable tips found on the pages of this site and apply it.

I delete Spam every day. If your e-mail looks like Spam, it will probably get deleted. Please title your posts so they are clearly not Spam.  I report uninvited "Spammers" who enter my mailbox by using the highly efficient Spam cop and I also use Sender Blocking

Happy Italian Family Tree Researching to all of you seeking your Italy Roots Connections.


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