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Italian Genealogy Letter #6
Steve's Letter to Possible Relatives in Italy
Thanks to Steve Saviello founder & Owner of the Comunes of Italy Genealogy Group for sharing this helpful Italian Form Letter to Potential Relatives in Italy for your Genealogy Records Research.

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Dear Mr. or Mrs.________________,

Hi,  my name is ______________ and I live in USA.  

My GGFather, _________ was born in _____________ on ___________, he came to America in the year________.

I'm looking for information on my family in Italy and any relatives of my family tree and would like to know more about them and their Italian ancestry. I was wondering if you were in any way his relative and hopefully mine, if you are, I would like to keep writing you if that is ok with you of course, so maybe we could meet one of these days in person and get to know each other better. If you are would you please write back, but if you are not would you please write back anyway to at least let me know you are not my relatives. 

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Your Friend,  ______________

Italian Translation:

Egregio signor (or) Gentilissima Signora (for a woman) ______________, 

mi chiamo ______________ e vivo negli USA. 

Il mio Bisnonno  * ______________________, nato a_____________ il ____________ venne in America dall'Italia nell'anno ________.

Sto cercando notizie della mia famiglia in Italia ed č per questo che Le scrivo: per sapere se Lei ha qualche informazione da darmi o se ha fatto per caso delle analoghe ricerche per il suo ramo della famiglia. Sarei felice se Lei fosse uno dei miei parenti, in questo caso La pregherei di inviarmi un breve messaggio con le notizie in Suo possesso. In questo caso in occasione di una mia visita in Italia La verrei sicuramente a salutare come spero Lei farebbe in un Suo eventuale viaggio negli Stati Uniti.

Nel caso invece che Lei non facesse parte della mia Famiglia, La pregherei ugualmente di darmene notizia in modo da potere escludere il Suo nominativo dal mio elenco.

La ringrazio molto per l'aiuto che vorr` darmi.

Distinti saluti, ______________

File from Stephen J. Saviello,
Owner, Comunes
of Italy Mailing List

Mio Padre = My Father
Mio Nonno = My Grandfather
Il mio Bisnonno = My Great-Grandfather

Mia Madre = My Mother
La mia Nonna = My Grandmother
La mia Bisnonna = My Great-Grandmother

Special Thanks to...
Stephen J. Saviello
List-Owner and Founder: Comunes of Italy Genealogy Group
Editor, 1997 to 2000, Comunes of Italy Italian Mailing List

Steve Saviello's articles appear on "Italian Genealogy Online and all things Italian" with his kind permission.
If someone is charging you to view these articles file a complaint & have them return your money.
Best Regards to All,
Paula Nigro [editor]

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