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Italian Genealogy Online moved to Geocities.WS

Italian Genealogy Online 
Italian Ancestry Genealogical Research Site

moved to Geocities.WS

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Thank You Kindly

Dear People,
I have used the free web-host server, Angelfire, since the year 2000 before Lycos purchased Angelfire. I used it to host my Italian Genealogy Online Research website. Unfortunately, Angelfire--Lycos started adding Full-page Ads, which cover the entire webpage.

Some of their full Full-Page-Block-Out Ads even tried to trick people into clicking on install-links, which you should NOT install into your computer or device. When you clicked the X to leave their Advert-Page they stopped you and continually asked if you are sure you want to leave, which is obnoxious, but if you stay and click the wrong link on their Ad or "scary-warning" then you will have a problem.

Now some of their ads "only" (only but still horrible and obnoxious) cover the entire page and if you click the X in the upper right corner the ad will go away, which many visitors do not know they can do.

Therefore, sadly, I moved this Italian-Genealogy site for the good of those who want to learn how to do Family-Tree Research for their Immigrant Ancestors from Italy without being bombarded by Spam-links.

Italian Genealogy Online and all things Italian


Effective as of : 09 March 2017

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Page Updated: 03 July 2017

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