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Genealogy Surname Boards & Searches
This Surname Board List has hand-picked links to most of the popular Italian Genealogy Surname Message Boards where you can search and post your Italian surname originating in any of the municipalities / comunes of Italy. General Genealogy Boards & Lists are also included when they contain a good amount of Italian Surnames. You will also find sites that list Italian Surnames found in or originating from a particular Locality, Comune, Province or Region in Italy to help you in your Italian Family Tree Search.
Surname Searches & Genealogy Message Boards - most are easy to use and do not clutter up your mailbox unless it is something directed only to you.
Locality Specific - Specific Location Searches (ie: Australia) Message Boards for various areas in Italy and also other lists such as Volunteers in Garibaldi's Army in 1860, Italian Immigrants to Brazil, Italian Civil War Regiment, Cook County Naturalizations, New York Indexes and more
E-mail Surname Lists - Yahoo E-groups, Italian Archives and more.
Please note, if you are looking for Passenger Ship Arrival Lists - Castle Garden, Ellis Island Passenger Lists and other Immigrant Ship Passenger Arrival Records, these links are all located on the SHIPS section of this free website from Italian Genealogy ONLINE and all things ItalianUSA Census links are on the USA page.

Dear People, it is always best to use a free-email not your ISP email on all and any mail-lists, websites, surname lists and etc. Kindest Regards, PN

NOTE: All OFF-Site links open to a new page otherwise use your browser back button to return to this page..

Surname Searches & Genealogy Message Boards

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Locality Specific / Italy, USA & other specifics including Naturalizations
Search the Italian Ancestry Pages (click here) for specific Italian comune extracts and Family Trees. When possible the sites are listed under the Italian Comune of origin otherwise the surname is followed by the various comuni involved. Contacting others who are researching ancestors in the same comune of origin as your ancestors' origin will help you tremendously!!

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Italian Archives, E-mail Surname Lists, Italy Mailing lists, etc.
Dear People, "IF" you contact someone on a "Mail-List or E-mail list and it turns out to be a dead link, please notify the Webmaster of *that* particular site. Thank You and Best Regards Always, Paula Nigro.
  • Archives of Italy - Search the Archive of Messages for ITALY Mailing List & Read the Archives of Italy Mailing List from 1997 through 2005.
  • Il Circolo Calabrese - A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the Calabria region of Italy.
  • Clan Cyberesh Mailing List - Arbëresh are people who migrated, or fled, from Albania to Italy beginning in the 15th Century living mainly in the Sicilian Towns of Mezzojuso, Piana degli Albanesi, Contessa Entellina, or Palazzo Adriano, or the Calabrian town of Falconara moderated by John Cusimano contact the webmaster for more information.
  • Gente di Mare Italian Surname Database - for all Italian Surnames. Search alphabetically or search in one step.
  • GEN-ITALIAN Search - put in your surname and select the database to search through the 1997 through current postings.  This is also archived by Rootsweb Click Here to view, but they are incomplete and also they do not know how to archive Italian characters, such as ì, è, ò, à and etc.
  • Italian Adoption - by John Campitelli. ITALIADOPTION is limited to adult *living* Italian born adoptees who have been adopted by North American parents and who wish to search for their birth family in Italy. They do not deal with genealogy research of ancestors who might have been adopted in Italy in past generations. 
  • Italian Surname Collection - Over 32,900 names with email address contact. Add yours.
  • Italian Surname Email Database - List maintained by Nuccia of Gente di Mare. Click on the letter of your Italian Surname of Interest.  Click "feedback" near the top of the page to add your Italian Surname.
  • Lisa's Surname Sharing Email Exchange A-G  and H to Z. (Over 4400 Italian Surnames.) Please contact Lisa if you find dead-email links she will be happy to hear from you.
  • More Email listings of Italian Surnames - Scroll down about the middle of the page, click on the initial of your last name & scroll down.  This site is commercial but has over 31,000 Surnames to check out.
  • Italy Mailing Lists Signups - Big list of Italian Mailing Lists.  A good place to find out about Italian Genealogy events, lectures, meetings, research in your areas of interest, etc., and other topics on Italy. 
  • Northern Italy Family History Research - well moderated free list by Regina Gualco, unfortunately not viewable unless you join (however this is how many mail-lists keep away spam).  Covers the regions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Lombardia, Piemonte, Trentino-Alto Adige, Valle d'Aosta, and Veneto as well as the bordering areas of France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Emilia-Romagna and Toscana
  • RootsWeb: Italian Genealogy Mailing Lists - Rootsweb is the Oldest & Largest free Genealogy Web Site and continues today because of its volunteers in spite of having been bought out by a very commercial company. NOTE: if you sign up to these lists and post a message your email address will be put on the Internet so you need to use a free email like hotmail,, yahoo, newspaper web-mail, etc, NOT your personal family email through your Internet Service Provider or else use a News Subscription for the connection and "mung" the email address you use when posting.
  • Rootsweb GEN-ITALIAN Archives BROWSE - read through the complete postings archived by Rootsweb Mail-list of the Soc.genealogy.Italian postings from 1997 until present time.
  • RootsWeb Mailing Lists Interactive Search - This is an interface to the archives for most of the RootsWeb mailing lists, current through the past day or so.
  • San Fele Italy Connections - San Fele Research Interests Email Surname List contacts.
  • Various Genealogy E-mail Groups on YAHOO - many private and public groups for Italian and other Genealogy Info (like how to do Genealogy Research with computer, etc.) It is fun to browse the "Public" Forums even if you don't want to join.
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USENET Genealogy Newsgroups archived on GroupsGoogle & ..
  • What is USENET - Internet Exploration Station Information Center by Harley Hahn (© 2002) 
  • Useful Usenet Resources - by
  • Genealogy Newsgroups have been around a long time and eventually Rootsweb started mailing lists which are "Gatewayed" to the Usenet Newsgroup..
  • Browse USENET archives on GroupsGoogle - Searchable archive of more than 700 million Deja News Research Service Archives of USENET postings from a period of more than 20 years, which Google purchased from Deja News and now Google via "" continues to archive most of the USENET news.
  • All groups > USENET > soc . genealogy
  • All groups > USENET > alt . genealogy
  • All groups > USENET > rec . heraldry
  • soc.genealogy.italian - Google's USENET reader easily lets you read Newsgroups via a browser without a "mail-list" signup.  Google purchased the old Deja News Archives and still keeps them online.  It is better to read and respond to Newsgroups via a regular newsreader rather than a mail-list subscription because newsgroups are archived on the Internet and mail-lists do not allow address munging, which is the easiest way to protect yourself from Spam when posting in a USENET newsgroup.  In the Rootsweb archives of the USENET groups, posters email addresses are easily viewable & obtainable by users of Linux and other Web Browsers such as Firefox & Opera although not viewable to most people using IE browsers.  Unfortunately newbies using Mail-lists gatewayed to USENET tend to "freak-out" when a message they send to a munged address bounces.  This stress can be avoided by self-education on how to use newsgroups. There are thousands of articles online on how to use Internet Newsgroups; find one that you can easily understand.  
  • A few Internet service providers operate news-servers for their users to access as part of their related services.
  • There are also many, better Usenet Newsgroup services for a reasonable subscription fee. There are many newsgroup reader programs from which you can choose.
  • The best thing is if you learn to use a Usenet Newsreader like Agent (Forte), MaxNews, Xnews, etc. to easily view & post to Usenet groups without using a Web-browser... such as 
  • news:soc.genealogy.italian
  • news:alt.genealogy
  • news:rec.heraldry
  • news:soc.genealogy.britain
  • news:soc.genealogy.computing
  • and many, many, more on the World Wide Web. Un-moderated groups are generally the best and eventually, if you lurk and read and watch for awhile before posting you will get to recognize Spam and then it is very simple and easy to ignore it or put it into your "kill filter" which is not that easy if you are in a mail-list.  Newsgroups do not fill up your email box. They are great!!!
  • Public News Servers FREE access to text-only newsgroups - sites which allow free, public access via NNTP protocol to Usenet newsgroups. (you would use a newsreader with these) All servers listed in this category allow anyone to read articles. Some of the servers allow you to post messages. 
  • Free access to text-only newsgroups - sites which allow access to Usenet newsgroups via a web page.
  • Google Directory of  Web-based access to USENET newsgroups
    • Rootsweb Mail-List 'Gen-Italian' takes part in some of the Usenet discussions *however* after Rootsweb was bought out by ancestry/et-al - that takeover company "appears" to block answers sent to the Roots-Mail-List people's questions when those answers are posted by people with a newgroup subscription...**  So since this takeover, if you read a dangling, unanswered response to a Roots-Mail-List subscriber's question, which isn't even followed by a thank you or more questions, it is "often" simply because the newbie (and some are newbies forever) never "received" the message in their in-box. So if you belong to Rootsweb GEN-ITALIAN then you will need to use another reader to find all the answers posted to questions. Most of the Newsgroup Users in other countries don't want to fill up their mail boxes with large messages, which often contain ads at the bottom of the message, so they efficiently use their Internet Service Providers news access or a private newsgroup subscription.  After the "mail-list" newbies stopped receiving International newsgroup users messages this resulted in many genealogy research volunteers (particularly in Italy) to stop giving advice.  Most International users have to pay for bandwidth and they do not want to be bother with using Mail-lists so they use Usenet Newsgroups instead. 
    • Using a valid newsgroup subscription is preferable to subscribing to any mail-list archived on the Internet which will expose peoples legitimate email addresses to Spam because knowledgeable computer users can post USENET messages using a fake email address to avoid harvesting by Spambots
    • Utilizing address munging is one of the best way to avoid Spam from the Internet.  An easy way to disguise your email on USENET is simply to add words that anyone with a workable IQ could remove, such as;  "nameofposterDELETE@NOSPAMyahoo.invalid" -- and other various.  At the bottom of your message you might put in your real email in words only, without using the @ sign such as: Email: yourname [at] server [dot] com 

**I posted a test message to that newsgroup and it appeared in the GEN-Italian archives, so they/ancestry might be changing their policy.  However, the above will stay in effect until I know for sure that they are not blocking messages and actually using a newsgroup subscription is always a better choice on USENET.

This document reflects the opinions of the author. This document is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranties. While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this article, the author/maintainer and/or contributors assume(s) no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

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If you know of other Genealogy Message Boards or want to add your Genealogy Message Board, Mail Group Contact, E-mail List, Genealogy Listserver, Usenet Reader to this page send me the link for consideration. Sorry but Boards and sites with excessive amounts of advertising, spyware scripts (which the Firefox Browser or a popup & script stopper will not stop) fees to enter & other such "red-tape" can_NOT be added.
Thank You & Best Regards Always,
Paula Nigro

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