Now, I'm sure many of you have read Evangelion fanfiction. Here, I am going to create a list of fanfics which have Penpen in them. Many fanfics have Penpen nowhere in sight, and I'd just like to tell the people that write them to get a life! For those of you that do write fanfics with Penpen in an important role, kudos to you! Well, enought talk, along with the fanfics!

The PenPen Chronicles (multi-parts)
The name says it all.

Drama Queen Rei Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
In this fanfic, Rei Ayanami has a strange dream, in which she becomes a magical girl (sort of). And Penpen is her loveable (?) sidekick!

Evangelion: Is Nothing Sacred? Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
In this tasteless, yet surprisingly hilarious fanfic, Penpen is Misato's lover (...). If you want to know the type of humour in this fanfic, well, lets just say you find out that Asuka's great-grandmother was Lorenda Bobbit...

Neon Genesis Evangelion R
Although this fanfic is often very serious, there are a few times where the loveable PenPen appears... in one particularly funny incident, he is locked outside by Asuka and gets his revenge.

Unfamiliar Everything
The title is right... this fanfic is InSAnE!! Has PenPen as commander of Nerv, why didn't I think of that? I *know* he'd be better at it than that SQUARE Gendo!! Ahem... anyway, I definatly recommend reading this.