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Nutcase's Hangout

Hey, yah I changed it up AGAIN...actually I just simplized it...this is THE only page...just a couple pictures for old friends who come to see me...I know its not that impressive but I guess I just really don't want to do the whole web page thing anymore. THANK YOU for coming though and if you want to know what is up with me though you are going to have to actually EMAIL me! =) Enjoy the pictures.

Here I am in my cute flippy haircut October of 2004--21 years old!

Kept by popular demand..the MONKEY face! (A year or more old)
here is one from December of 2003.

Here is one of me from New Years Day 2004! =)

My Photography
I have a new and here is some of my pictures of different scenes of OKLAHOMA! =)

This is a tree out in the middle of no branches no surrounding looks like it should just be dead but yet its still standing there...I think its inspiring.

Once again here is something in the middle of nowhere...looks like it used to be a general store and I just fell in love with it!

There is a pond everywhere you look here in Oklahoma, but each one is its own beauty!

I have driven this road a million times in my life and then one day I just noticed how beautiful it is...reminds me of a million poems I have read.