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"Dallas was America's Team of the last millennium. The Colts will be America's Team for the next decade." -- Jim Nantz, CBS Sports

Coach Jim Mora led the Colts to a 13-3 season.
The Colts signed Tight End Ken Dilger to a 5 year contract. Jeff Brady is an unsigned free-agent.

The Colts suffered a 19-16 defeat in the playoffs delivered by the Tennessee Titans due to alot of questional penalties.

What a comeback! The Colts have beaten almost every team in their path, with a few saves from their FG kicker Mike Vanderjagt(the leading NFL scorer). The only competition for this team is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Their season has gone from 3-13 to 13-3. Their offensive trio consists of QB Peyton Manning, RB Edgerrin James, and WR Marvin Harrison(all of which are Pro Bowl picks). Not too strong on the defense, their offense makes up for it well.

Very suprisingly, the Cleveland Browns almost beat the Colts. I think it had something to do with Couch being out and Detmer in as QB. Mike Vanderjagt saved them with a long FG in the closing seconds. Deja vu, huh?

Next year's draft will probaly be focused on defensive players.

Record Holders

Individual Records-Career
Rushing (Yds.)Lydell Mitchell, 1972-775,487
Passing (Yds.)Johnny Unitas, 1956-197239,768
Passing (TDs)Johnny Unitas, 1956-1972287
Receiving (No.)Raymond Berry, 1955-1967631
Receiving (Yds.)Raymond Berry, 1955-19679,275
InterceptionsBob Boyd, 1960-6857
Punting (Avg.)Chris Gardocki, 1994-9844.8
Punt Return (Avg.)Ron Gardin, 1970-197113.5
Kickoff Return (Avg.)Jim Duncan, 1969-197132.5
Field GoalsDean Biasucci 1984, 1986-1994176
Touchdowns (Tot.)Lenny Moore, 1956-1967113
PointsDean Biasucci, 1984, 1986-1994783
Individual Records-Single Season
Rushing (Yds.)Eric Dickerson, 19881,659
Passing (Yds.)Peyton Manning, 19983,739
Passing (TDs)Johnny Unitas, 195932
Receiving (No.)Marshall Faulk, 199886
Receiving (Yds.)Raymond Berry, 19601,298
InterceptionsTom Keane, 195311
Punting (Avg.)Rohn Stark, 198545.9
Punt Return (Avg.)Clarence Verdin, 198912.9
Kickoff Return (Avg.)Jim Duncan, 197035.4
Field GoalsCary Blanchard, 199636
Touchdowns (Tot.)Lenny Moore20
PointsCary Blanchard, 1996135
Individual Records-Single Game
Rushing (Yds.)Norm Bulaich, 9-19-71196
Passing (Yds.)Johnny Unitas, 9-17-67401
Passing (TDs)Gary Hogeboom, 10-4-875
Receiving (No.)Joe Washington, 9-2-7913
Receiving (Yds.)Raymond Berry, 11-10-57224
InterceptionsLast by Mike Prior, 12-20-923
Field GoalsLast by Cary Blanchard, 9-21-975
Touchdowns (Tot.)Last by Eric Dickerson, 10-31-884
PointsLast by Eric Dickerson, 10-31-8824

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Click here for a cool wallpaper.

Here are some pics of the Colts in action, and some former Colts from back in the day.

Who's the man? Cornelius Bennett

Jeff Burris making the play.

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