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  • The toolbox that Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) pushes off the milk crate has the name Binford on it. Binford was the company Tim Allen worked for on Home Improvement.

  • When Sid's dog is shaking Buzz in his mouth towards the end of the movie he throws him under a red car. The car's licence plate reads "HTT1195". The "HTT" stands for "Hi Tech Tunes". The "1195" stands for the date the film was released, November 1995.

  • There are many references made in the titles of books in Andy's room. Here are a few:

  • When Woody and Buzz are in Sid's backback there is writing which says "Julie Macbarfle has cooties!" This is a reference to a camera manager named Julie MacDonald, who was begging to get her name in the movie.

  • The name of the realty company that sells Andy's house is called "Virtual Realty". The movie was made using virtual reality.