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Congratulations to the 2000 Who's Who award winners.

Meet the Oklahoma winners below!!

Way to go ladies!!

Barbara Stacy

2000 Who's Who Miss Academic Achievement Award Winner

Future Petroleum Engineer. 4.57 GPA. Will attend the University of Oklahoma next year, majoring in Petroleum Engineering. Barbara has been the recipient of over $90,000 in academic scholarships. She is an Oklahoma Academic All-State Scholar, Robert C. Byrd Congressional Honor Scholar, and Oklahoma Regents Scholar. She has been honored by the Oklahoma State Senate and House of Representatives and has won dozens of academic honors and awards. Barbara attended the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, a boarding school for academically gifted students.

Jaime Lin Collins

2000 Who's Who Teen Academic Achievement Award Winner

4.60 GPA! Jamie maintains an honors 4.6 GPA. She participated in the National Olympiad in Science, Language Arts and Social Studies. She has won academic awards and honors too numerous to mention.

2000 Who's Who Teen Service Achievement Award Winner

Hundred of hours donated. Jamie's achievement book documents hundreds of hours donated to various causes, organizations, and community events. She served as a greeter for the US Attorney General, and has volunteered for various school, church and community functions.

Candace Shephard

2000 Who's Who Miss Personal Challenges Award Winner

2000 Who's Who Miss Achievement Essay Award Winner

"My Definition of Achievement"
by Candace L. Shephard

I believe that the will of true achievement lies in the will to become the best that you can possibly be, regardless of whatever obstacles may be in your way.

In my life, I have had many personal challenges with which to cope, yet have tried ever so hard to work through these challenges to achieve my goals.

While my long term goals remain intact, my definition of achievement can change as my short term, day-to-day goals change daily. Many people attribute achievement to wealth, fame, popularity, and luxury. My definition of achievement is simply working through my own personal challenges and struggles to reach the goals that I have set for myself.

For me, achievement is reaching for the loftiest of goals, while diligently and consistently carrying them out to be the best I can be.

I believe that the true achiever is the one who attempts courageously and comes up on top, but not before failing and coming up short again and again. The true achiever is one who knows the victory of high achievement and who fails while daring greatly so that they shall never become a naive, spiritless individual who knows neither victory nor defeat.

I am working hard to achieve my goals because each and every achievement leads to that unbelievable feeling of accomplishment and matter how big or small.