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Mew's Mansion

Hi Pokefans!
Welcome to Mew's Mansion. I just made it it will
get better so please bookmark it. Check out my links
page it has alot of cool sites on it including
3 of my friends sites. Check out my Riddles
page if you get them right you get to ask me a code.
Please sign my guestbook it's at the bottom.
Please vote for me at the bottom if I get in the top
3 I will post 2 cheats. Check out my new Picture
page it has some new pokemon on it!!! Any Qustions
please send your e-mails to -Mew88

    11-4-99: Hi today I added an update
    section and a Mew's Biography page I will make an
    entry for every update I make. Instead of just words
    I put a little Mew picture to send e-mails. I
    also put up a Message Board so please visit it and post

    11-5-99: Hi, today I put in music it
    is the Pokemon theme song remix I only have it on a
    few pages now but soon I'll have it on all my pages.
    I also adopted 2 more Pokemon. A Gengar and an Eevee.
    The Gengar is still a baby. I got my own Top 25 sites
    list so please vote or join. Thankyou

    11-6-99: Hi, I added the music on all
    of my pages! I got my own banner please put it up on
    your site if you have e-mail me for the HTML code.
    I made a Award page I only have 2 awards now but I'll
    get more. I also joined the Psychic Pokemon Connection

    11-8-99:I haven't don anything for
    yesterday because I was helping my friend with his site
    check it out it's in the links section it's called
    Electabuzz's Power Plant. I got a poll vote for you
    favorite Pokegod on the new poll page.

    11-10-99:Start of Pokemon the First
    Movie. I put up a movie page it's all about the movie
    i'm not done with it yet though.

    11-13-99:I changed my favorite
    pokemon i have shellder on there now. I made a Pokemon
    Release date page.

    11-16-99:I made a text block for the
    HTML of my banner so you don't have to e-mail me but
    if you have any questions on how please feel free to
    e-mail me. I added more pictures on my picture
    page and I made a seperate page for the screen shots
    check it out Mew88

    11-25-99:I haven't opdated in a long
    time sorry! please vote if i should get new
    music the poll is on this page click here to listen to
    the new music


    12-8-99:I got a new screen name so be
    sure to e-mail me at this
    thanks.I got a game called Raise a Mew check it out
    hope you have fun with it

    12-13-99:I put up frames on all of my pages.
    I'm making a codes page if you wanna give me a
    code i'll give you full credit for it-Mew88

    12-18-99:I made a mailing list please join!!!

    12-19-99:I put a quiz on my site me and the owner of
    Electabuzz's Power Plant made it so they are the same.

    12-22-99:I put up a downloads page the link is only on my homepage now because I didn't have enough time to put it on the rest.

    12-25-99:MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!Hi i joined two new topsites lists

    1-4-00:I know that I haven't updated in a really long time I'm sorry but to make it up for that I put up a codes page it's still under construction but I'll have a ton of codes by the end of the Month.

    1/20/00:Hi im the owner of the site Electabuzzs Power Plant And
    Mew88s friend wanted me to tell you he has so much to do to
    this site but his computer is really screwing up and thats
    why hasn't been updating.

    My Favorite Pokemon

    • Mew
    • Alakazam
    • Gengar
    • Aerodactyl
    • Hypno
    • Shellder

    Please vote if I should change the music on my site!!! Vote below:

    Should I change the music?
    What should the new music be?


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