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Welcome to Gothick Empires, another province in Mark's Astounding CyberEmpire O' Doom! Here you will find information on my high fantasy roleplaying game, which uses the Hero system. There are maps, adventures, character sheets, background information and fantasy art featuring characters and places from the world of Gothick Empires.

In addition, Mark's Astounding CyberEmpire O' Doom! includes sites dedicated to my Sengoku game, another campaign, this time set in medieval Japan, a site dedicated to Fantasy art, and the headquarters of Mark's Astounding CyberEmpire O' Doom! which features more (generic) gaming stuff, plus links to all things of interest to Mark.

Mark's Astounding CyberEmpire O' Doom! is getting to be quite large (it's too big for one website, for starters), and I'm always updating it, so I've added a list of what's new.


Feel free to browse - if you have any comments or ideas, you can email me. I'm always delighted to get some feedback.


 On to other Hero gaming stuff

 And finally the legal stuff - the use of Hero System, or Hero games is purely descriptive and in no way is intended to infringe on any copyrights pertaining to these items.

Copyright for most of the original material belongs to me (like it matters). Feel free to use it, but a mention of its origin and a link back to this site would be appreciated.

Like all of Mark's Astounding CyberEmpire O' Doom! Gothick Empires was