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Welcome to Vanessa Atler's Official Website. This is her Official website because it is the only website that she personally authorizes and contributes to. This is also the only website about Vanessa that is recognized by USA Gymnastics, the governing body for the sport in the USA.

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 The name 'Vanessa' literally translates to 'butterfly'

Everything about Vanessa Atler demonstrates all that is wonderful about the sport of gymnastics. This extremely talented 18-year-old possesses the highest level of difficulty, elegant dance skills, quickNESS, and competitiveNESS. Add these traits to her charm and enthusiasm, and the result is a gymnast capable of igniting fires when she performs.

It was clear Vanessa had a unique gift for the sport very early on. Her gymnastics career began at age five when her parents enrolled her in a tumbling class. Since then, she has not lost any of that spark.

Yet considering all of her physical powers, it is her heart that makes her a champion. She won back-to-back nationals championships, first as a junior in 1996, then as a senior in 1997. Her focus is now on the upcoming competitions of the year 2000, which include a chance to reach her ultimate be able to represent the United States at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia.

Working with Vanessa and her family, I have created this website both for her, and for you. Please visit this site often because we will be keeping you updated with the latest and greatest news of her gymnastics and beyond.

 The name 'Vanessa' literally translates to 'butterfly'

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