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  Hey FuKerS, (FaNz Uv KoRn)

Welcome to one of the newest KoRn sites, I will dedicate a whole lotta time to this site because your only the person to visit this site, Ill have a bunch of shyt on the site by the near future. All of the Side links should be up soon, Also concert coverage will be up TODAY!

Some Minor Updates today.

  • Re done Lyric Pages For Self Titled And Issues
  • New Background On All Pages
  • Misc. Page Added Includes Concert Info, Transripts ETC.

  This website has not been updated on the count of I don't know why i'm just lazy and yeah that's about it! You can still send pics if you'd like.

Click Here And Send


  Also, If you didn't get a chance to check out the chat with Munky and Jon the transcript is right here:

Full Coverage


  New Poll Up! Vote on it if you get a chance. And also if you vote on it once it wont appear for the rest of the day which i think is sweet so not only one person votes 400 times its pretty cool!