A Nightmare on Elm Street

This page is devoted to The original Nightmare on Elm Street.


Nancy and her boyfriend Glen go to Nancy's friend Tina's house to stay the night with her to keep her company while her mom is out of town because she is scared from the nightmares she has been having. Right as they get there they start to hear noises outside but the sounds just turn out to be a prank by Tina's boyfriend, Rod that has come to join in on the party. Glen and Nancy get to listen to Tina's and Rod having sex and then they all fall asleep. Tina wakes up hearing a tapping sound on the window which are being made by rocks someone is throwing. Tina goes outside to see who is doing it and runs into Freddy. His face has been burned and he is wearing a brown dirty hat and a red a green stripped sweater, with a glove that has knives for fingers. He is surely a sight that I wouldn't want to see in one of my dreams. Anyways-Tina gets killed and her boyfriend sees the whole thing, only no one is there-and he can't do anything to help her! Naturally the boyfriend gets blamed for her death and when the police catch him-he goes straight to jail. Nancy starts to figure the whole thing out and doesn't sleep so she doesn't get killed. Rod gets killed in the jail and Nancy's parents get desperate with her not sleeping and all. Nancy finds out that the reason why Freddy is after he is because her mother and her friends are the ones who killed him! And so Nancy comes up with a plan and sets out to kill Freddy before he kills her. Only before this plan gets carried out Nancy is locked in her house while across the street her boyfriend gets brutally butchered. How does it end? Well-I dont want to completely ruin the movie for Anyone who hasn't seen it-I only want to ruin it halfway!