"I WANNA ROCK". Just like his killer lyrics DEE SNIDER returns to bring his Bad Twisted life into the big screen. STRANGELAND is one of the sickiest movies I have ever seen before in my life. When I heard about this movie I was 14 and at my uncle Wesley's house. He told me about Strangeland after I watched DAY OF THE DEAD (for my 20th time). I went home and rented it. After the movie was over I could not believe what I saw. It was as Twisted as any story could get, and I loved every minuet of it.
A psycho on the Internet uses the handle, "Captain Howdy" (Snider), an obvious reference to the unseen Ouija board spirit in The Exorcist. Finding girls on the internet who are stupid enough to actually meet him in person, "Captain Howdy" snatches these girls and teaches them that pain is good.
After the abduction of his daughter Genevieve ( Linda Cardellini), detective Mike Gage ( Kevin Gage) is on the case, joined by detective Christian ( Brett Harrelson). Kidnapper Captain Howdy is eventually captured and sent off to the asylum. Released four years later, Howdy is hanged by a vigilante mob led by redneck Jackson Roth ( Robert Englund, who played great in this film, look for him in the bed room waiting for his wife). When the towns men hang Snider (they believe he had kidnapped Roth's daughter) SNIDER is reborn as Carleton Hendricks, Howdy turns against the vigilantes, kidnaps Genevieve a second time, and once again confronts Gage. Snider also contributes an original heavy-metal tune for the closing credits.
I injoyed this movie, because I watched it with 4 of my friends who cracked jokes about the movie although afterward they thought it was sick and twisted. Snider also trys to promote his cd album for the movie. They bands on it Rock (SLIPKNOT, COAL CHAMBER, SEVENDUST, Hed pe, PUYA, and much more) If there is a movie to get. It is this one (If you like Rock music by the cd to this movie, the bands kick ass).