To me this was way more better than Nightmare 3. Just because The story is bascially what real teens would do. Not this 80 year or Dawson Creek crap. It's 10 years after Part 5 and Freddy has systematically eliminated every single pre-pubescence life form in Springwood. The populace lies is a state of psychosis. So Freddy decides to expand his operation and go global, "because every town has an Elm Street." But how......? Freddy enlists the help of one John Doe (Shon Greenblatt) who he plucks out of his dreams and drops on the outskirts of Springwood. Suffering from amnesia, John is taken into an adolescent home where he meets Dr. Maggie Burroughs (Lisa Zane) and tell her about Freddy. They decide to head into town and get some answers. They are unknowingly accompanied by three misfits. While is town, John determines that he must be the son of Freddy and that Krueger is using him to escape Springwood. Freddy has a son??? One of my favorite parts in this movie is when Freddy is playing with one of his victims in a video game (do you think Nintendo paid them to use "Now I am playing with power"...cheesy, but cool) Also, we again get more information on Freddy, like when the dream demons gave him power to rule over the dream world. Can he really be dead? Rent this its so cool. I saw it at the movies when I was a little 10 year old. They gave us cool 3d glasses. It was cool. Although they never told us when we had to put them on, but the movie explained it.

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