"Based on the life and killings of Henry Lee Lucas, famed American serial killer who now resides on death row in Texas." Henry (Michael Rooker) is the boy next door who just can't get that taste for murder out of his mouth. As an abused child Henry started to hate the world, this is how it began. His mother was a whore who made him watch her having sex with other guys. She even made him wear dresses while laughing at him. Now that would screw up any little boy. No wonder he killed her. When an animal gets a taste of human blood, it's hard to keep it from coming back for more. This could never be truer than with Henry. Henry leaves a trail of bodies behind him (evident in the opening montage of the film) as drifts into his new hunting ground. He later shacks up with a scumbag name Ottis, who he met in jail. There he meets and catches the eye of Ottis sister, Becky. Henry begins to show Ottis his murderous side and he decides to come along for the ride. The mayhem that follows is some of the most disturbing, yet exhilarating stuff ever shot on celluloid. This film is a definite "must see" for any horror fan. Rent the film and see the real mind of a madman.

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