Friday the 13th 1-3


  • Directed by: Sean S. Cunningham
  • Written by: Victor Miller
  • Produced by: Sean S. Cunningham Twenty years earlier, Camp Crystal Lake was been shut down after the mysterious death of a young boy and a couple of counselors. After several failed attempts at re-opening the camp, Steve Christy (Peter Browner) is working towards making it suitable for inner-city campers. Bad idea, because it seems Friday the 13th is right around the corner and death awaits all. The locals loony, Crazy Ralph (Walt Gorney), warns that the camp has a "death curse", but it falls on deaf and soon to be blooded ears. One by one, the counselors seem to drop as they engage in acts of pre-martial sex, smoking dope, and drinking. Guess they all forgot to read the "Camp Blood" rules of conduct and now must pay with their LIVES. No two murders are alike as evident through Tom Savini's genius. But who is the killer? I won't tell, but please don't lose your head. As the final machete finds its' destinations, Alice (Adrienne King) is left as the sole survivor of this massacre. The films ends with a chilling exchange between Sheriff Tierney (Ronn Carroll) and Alice; "... we didn't find any boy","than he's still there." This is quite evident with the emergence of Jason in Part 2. From that time on he has laid his claim to the title "King of All Slashers". Rent this film and all of those that followed!!!

    FRIDAY THE 13th PART: 2

  • Directed by: Steve Miner
  • Written by: Ron Kurz
  • Produced by: Steve Miner Just when you thought it was safe to go back to camp, you couldn't be more wrong. Five years have passed since the original bloodbath and all seems quiet on Crystal Lake. Well, at least until someone comes up with the bright idea of opening up a counselor training center across from CAMP BLOOD, but this time around the "curse" has a new face and everyone is going to pay. Again, one by one, our ill-fated "counselors in training" meet their untimely demise by every known method of mayhem that one madmen can dish out. Spears, machetes, and pitchfork fly freely and the blood flows heavy as the undead son of the former cook (Mrs. Voorhees) rises from his watery grave to reap revenge on all the sexual deviant, drug using, alcoholic teenagers that cross his path. Thus begins the reign of Jason. Although, Part 2 wasn't helmed by special fx king Tom Savini, the murder scenes were pretty imaginative and well done by Carl Fullerton and his crew . As all her friends begin to drop by the waste side, Ginny (Amy Steele) is forced to try and get into the psyche of this killer who hides in the shadows waiting to strike. She hopes to understand the forces that direct his rampage, but only a mother would know that. The end comes quickly and with a very unique twist that offers the fans a classic follow-up to "Friday the 13th".

    FRIDAY THE 13th PART: 3

  • Directed by: Steve Miner
  • Written by: Martin Kitrosser, and Carol Watson
  • Produced by: Frank Mancuso, JR. The story begin immediately after the chilling conclusion of Part 2. A group of misguided youths neglect the warnings of the prophetic drifter and head out for a weekend getaway of sex, drugs, and murder. Sorry kids wrong choice of extracurricular activities for this neck of the woods. The ignorance of youth at its' finest. As they arrive, we see Chris is battling some personal demons in this place, but otherwise this is your usually romp in the hay for the 3rd installment in the "Friday the 13th" series. Bikers, bitches, and bimbos all serve as cannon fire for Jason, who finally picks up his trademark hockey mask that has forever etched itself into our psyches. As the mayhem continues, we find out that Chris had a run in two years earlier with this deformed madmen and was lucky enough to escape with her life. Will she enjoy the same fate this time around??? Rent this film to find out. Originally released in the theaters as a 3-D movie during the short run resurgence of these films in the early eighties (remember Jaws 3-D). Unfortunately for the video viewer, the 3-D technique wasn't employed, but you can see how they exploited shots that must have proved wick in 3-D. From a spear gun through the eye to a flaming hot poker through the chest to an eyeball popping out of a victim's head, the variation of 3-D killing must have been magnificent, but are still as effective even in this 2-D format. Maybe someday with advancements in technology, the 3-D world of movie watching experience will be the standard and we will all be able to truly become part of the film.