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In June 2000, our first CD came out. Whoo-hoo! Rather unimaginatively titled the helicopter, you can only find it at one of our shows, or you can always order it directly from us. How's that for a poor marketing strategy?

The price is $8 postage paid within the US. Add $1 for Canada & Mexico. Add $2 for everywhere else. Slide on over to the contact page to find out where you need to send your money. We suggest you send well concealed cash or make checks payable to either of the Jeffs.

Until then, please, listen to these poor-quality representations.

MP3s from the album: (from helicopter)

Inappropriately Wise
No Occasion

You'll need an adequately equipped player. Winamp seems to work well.

Of course, if you have a high-bandwidth connection or you just want to preview the good stuff, you might just as well check out our page. Nice.

Also only available at the page is a little track called "Now That Love is Gone." Originally meant for a local compilation, but apparently it's not coming out now.

The rare, live, & otherwise unreleased:
(courtesy of bootlegs, scratch tracks, &c.)

These files are in RealAudio format, which of course means you'll need a RealPlayer. Get one at

from the Helinewsletter Contests #2-3 limited single:
Master Medium
Now & Forever

Thank you. Good night.