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For the self-titled album:

from Splendid e-zine:

"It must've been those raspy vocals on track number two, 'Twice the Distance...' that first got my attention -- but there's much more to this versatile band than gutsy lyrical lines. Along with the popping bass notes and retro-outfitted guitar melody, Norman, OKs The Helicopter does a pretty goddamn good job of whipping out a batch of tunes that resemble longer, slower Guided By Voices numbers, populated with a taste of Monroe Mustang's sleepy, boozing vocals. There's even a taste of early Beatles on 'The Loneliness' that applies a wash of fuzzy chords to make that perfect retro-sound. With a bit of helpless, lovesick depression and a production value that showcases clanging guitars and sickeningly catchy rhythms, you're probably wondering: does Norman, Oklahoma have a clue what's quietly breeding in its music scene?" -- am

For the limited single:

also from Splendid e-zine:

"Good things come in pairs -- or so the saying goes -- and in the case of this CD-R from The Helicopter, you get what you'd expect with these two new tracks. "Master Medium" showcases a new side of this Norman, Oklahoma band -- one that rumbles with confidence and is willing to let it all hang out. With a great pop-laden chorus and a beefy sound, this rocker will get its fair run on your CD player. "Now and Forever" is like listening to progressive-rock-pop. Maybe these guys are closet Yes fans, but in the pop world, any song that's 7:52 long is a work of epic proportions. Copping the loveable whininess of Robert Pollard, the catchiness of a good Clash tune and taking a chance with its own introverted innocence, our quartet weaves its way through a mind-blowing charmer that leaves me clamoring for more, like a junkie desperately jonesing for his next fix." -- am