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Right here is where you might find pictures & flyers from your favorite helishow. Yeah, right. Well, maybe. We'll keep adding to them as long as we keep playing. But you too can help. Here's how: have you seen the helicopter? did you take pictures? do you have copies or access to a scanner? If you answered yes to most of these questions, you too can help the helicopter with their shameless self-promotion. Head over to the contact page, send your photos to the address listed or e-mail your high quality scans to Chip. Be sure to list when & where it was (if you can remember) and, of course, your name if you want credit. Thanks much.



9 November 2000 with the Flaming Lips
21 December 2000 @ JR's Lightbulb
2 February with the Starlight Mints
3 March 2001 @ the Deli
21 April 2001 with Winslow



14 April 2000 with Mandarin
10 October 2000 with American Boyfriends
15 December 2000 with Budapest One
16 & 18 May 2001 at the Deli
08 December 2001 with the Baptist Generals