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Well, you probably came here expecting a glorious page on five very talented men, the Backstreet Boys. I have removed it. Let me explain. Every teenage girl has to fall head over heels for a band, and for me they were it. I thoroughly enjoyed their music, and still do. But they are no longer a source of obsession for me. I used to think that they were my once in a lifetime. And you know, maybe they were! But probably not. I can now have a reasonable appreciation for their music, as well as "opposing boybands"; nsync and 98 degrees are no longer the enemies, they're just bands. And that's okay. I will never forget the wonderful times and memories created out of bsb concerts, one doesn't easily forget rising at 4am to buy tickets. As cliche as it is, I'll always have a special place in my heart for them, and I wish them all of God's blessings in everything that they do. Still, I will always be first in line to buy the new cd, I'll still KEEP THE BACKSTREET PRIDE ALIVE. But it's time to leave this stage in my life. I'd like to thank them for improving the quality of my life, and, for a time giving me a reason to live, as crazy as that sounds. Thank you and goodnight.