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The Virginia Page!
"This page last updated on " April 6, 2000"

           Amherst County
                                  Birth Records
                                  Matthew Nathan Lanham b. Nov 1797 
                                      (son of Greenberry & Catherine)
                                      (note: Matthew dies in Casey Co. KY) Along with mother

                                 Death Records
                                 Greenberry Lanham died Dec. 30, 1801. 
                                     (Husband of Catherine Nightingale)

Botetourt County
                                   Birth Records
                                   William Lanham 
                                   Pleasant Lanham (son of William)
                                   Joseph M Lanham born January 1, 1832
                                       (son of William & Jane McCowen)


Campbell County
                                    Marriage Records
                                    Greenberry Lanham marrried Catherine Nightingale 
                                         May 25, 1785.
                                       (Catherine is the daughter of Matthew & Lucy Calhoun)
                                       (Note: Catherine died in Casey Co. KY, along with her son)

Clarke County
Birth Records
                                    Andrew Jackson Lanham Sr. born May 6, 1904 Berryville, Va
                                        (Andrew the son of Charles Lanham & Rose Lee Schaffer)
                                        (wife of Mary Agnes Edelman)
                                        (Andrew d. June 1, 1954 in Baltimore, MD.
                                        (Andrew married Mary Agnes Edelman.

Frederick County

Jackson County
Birth Records
                                   Miriam Lanham b. June 7, 1857 
                                       dau of John R & Mary Garnes
                                        She dies Aug 21, 1957 same county
                                   George Lewis Lanham b. March 1859 

Marriage Records
                                   John R Lanham & Mary Phoebe Garnes  Oct 27, 1831
                                        John's mother is Leddy Smith
                                        John & Mary move to Kanawha Co. WV.
                                        They have 12 children: William R, Mary A, Emily Jane, 
                                        Abraham, Nancy E., Rebecca J, John W, Margaret, Lucretia,
                                        Benjamin C, Miriam, George Lewis.

Kanawha County (now is Kanawha Co West Virginia)
Birth Records
                                   Thomas Lanham born 1805
                                   William Albert Lanham born 1826 
                                         (son of Thomas & Carry Melton)
                                   James Moleatuis Lanham born 1829 
                                          (son of Thomas & Carry Melton)
                                   John Henry Lanham born April 20, 1831 
                                          (son of Thomas & Carry Melton)
                                   Virginia Lanham born Jan 5, 1833 
                                          (daughter of Thomas & Carry Melton)
                                   Martha Frances Lanham Sept 24, 1835 
                                          (daughter of Thomas & Carry Melton)
                                   Berry Hardin Lanham born May 2, 1939 
                                         (daughter of Thomas & Carry Melton)
                                   Ardellia E. Lanham b. Sept 16, 1861 
                                          Note: Ardellia died Aug 10, 1944 in Kanwha Co.
                                          Note: She is buried in Anderson Cemetery at Dunbar, WV
                                    Mary A Lanham b. abt 1833
                                         dau of John R & Mary Garnes
                                    William R. Lanham b. Feb 1835 
                                          son of John R & Mary Garnes
                                     Emily Jane b. abt 1837 
                                          dau of John R & Mary Garnes
                                     Abraham McClelland Lanham b. Jan 29, 1839
                                          son of John R & Mary Garnes
                                     Nancy E  Lanham b. abt 1841 
                                          dau of John R & Mary Garnes
                                     Rebecca J Lanham b. abt 1843
                                           dau of John R. & Mary Garnes
                                     John W. Lanham b. 1850 
                                           son of John R & Mary Garnes
                                     Margaret Lanham b. abt 1848 
                                           dau of John R & Mary Garnes
                                     Lucretia V. Lanham b. 
                                           dau of John R & Mary Garnes
                                           Lucretia marries James M Snodgrass Oct 18, 1871
                                     Benjamin C. Lanham b. Jan 1857
                                           son of John R & Mary Garnes


                                   Marriage Records
                                   Thomas Lanham married Carry Ann Melton March 3, 1825
                                   Mary Polly Lanham married James M Bailey Jan 11, 1826
                                       Mary & James M Bailey have 8 children: Cornelius, Joseph,
                                       Morrison, Sadie, Ava Rilla, Mary Christina, Henrietta, James
                                       James is the son of William & Sarah Sprouse. 
                                       Marys mother is Luvina Foster.
Loudoun County
Birth Records
                                   Walter Lanham born about 1796 

Morgan County
1840 Fed Census Index
                                   Henry Lanham  Morgan Co Page 198 No twnshp listed

Putnam, Virginia
                                  Birth Records
                                  Richard Lanham  abt 1805 in Putnam, Virginia
                                  Mary Lanham abt 1834
                                  Ellen Lanham abt 1838
                                  David Lanham abt 1839
                                  Sarah Lanham abt 1842
                                  James Lanham abt 1844
                                  Lewis Lanham abt 1846

                                  Marriage Records
                                  William Pleasant  Lanham and Jane McCowen 1822
                                        (William was the son of William Lanham

                                  Census Records
                                  1850 Fed  Census 46th District Putnam Co. 
                                  *On Line 10 the household of James Lanham. 
                                    James Lanham  26, carpenter b. Va.
                                    Nancy Lanham 27, b. Va.
                                    William Lanham 4, b. Va.
                                     Elizabeth Lanham  2, b. Va. 

                                  *On line 20 the household of James R Lanham
                                      James R Lanham  47, farmer   b. Va.
                                      Martha Lanham  36,  b. Va.
                                      William H. Lanham  15,  b. Va.
                                      Mary Lanham  13,  b. Va.
                                      Benjamin Lanham  11, b. Va.
                                      Sarah A  Lanham  9,  B. Va.
                                      Lucinda Lanham  7,  b. Va.
                                      Selina Lanham  4, b. Va. 
                                      Elizabeth Lanham  1,  b. Va.

                                   * On line 32 Samuel Lanham  Looks like age 13, ? 

                                   * On Line 8 of page 292 Household of Richard Lanham
                                      Richard Lanham  4_,  farmer   2000  b. Va.
                                      Jane Lanham  44,  b. Va.
                                      Mary Lanham  16,  b. Va.
                                      Ellen M Lanham   12  ,   b. Va.
                                      ________ Lanham M,  11,  b. Va.
                                      James Lanham  6, b. Va.
                                      Sarah B Lanham  8  b. Va.
                                      Lewis ?  Lanham M   4   b. Va.

Assorted Records
                                  Patience Lanham born 1835 in Virginia
                                  Patience was the wife of Ebenizer Maxwell.
                                  John R. Lanham born abt 1803 in Virginia
                                  Greenberry Lanham born bef 1765 in Virginia   
                                  Greenberry Lanham married Catherine May 25, 1785 in Virginia.
                                  Pleasant Lanham born 1790(daughter of Greenberry & Catherine)
                                  Jackson Lanham born abt 1794 (son of Greenberry & Catherine
                                  Matthew Lanham born 1797(son of Greenberry & Catherine)
                                  Benjamin Lanham born 1805
                                        (son of Thomas and Patience Sappington)
                                  Green Lanham born aft 1788 
                                        (son of Thomas and Patience Sappington)
                                  Hartley Lanham married Harriet Cordell. 
                                         (daughter of John & Judith Price)


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