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Philatelic Association, Societies and Clubs

Here you can find Philatelic Associations, Philatelic Federations, Philatelic Societies, and Philatelic Clubs.

  1. Stamp Collectors Organizations
  2. Worldwide Stamp Clubs & Societies.
  3. Arab Gulf and Yemen stamp group
Information about UAE Postal History
In these links you will find information about United Arab Emirates stamps, and postal history before and after the formation.
  1. United Arab Emirates Stamps and Postal Stationery Pages
  2. Emirates Postal Museum
  3. Dubai Errors, Varieties and Postal History
  4.  General Postal Authority
Information about Gulf & Arab Stamps & Postal History
Information about  stamps, and postal history.
  1. Oman Philately Network
  2. Oman online stamp catalogue page
  3. Yemen Stamps and Postal Stationery Page.
  4. Stamps of Lebanon
  5. Lebanon Postal History
  6. Philatelic Archive of Lebanon
  7. Palestinian Stamps
  8. Palestinian Stamps (PPS)
  9. Egypt Stamps
  10. Egypt Postage Stamps
  11. Jordan Ministry Of Post & Communication
  12. Kuwait Post
  13. The Post Stamps of India Used Abroad
  14. Tunisian Postal Stamps

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