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Depo Provera Lawsuit

If you are one of the many women (know that the makers of Depo Provera claim that only 2 percent suffer severe side effects) who have suffered severe, continuous bleeding; substantial and persistent weight gain; mood swings and/or lack of libido; fainting, shortness of breath, dizziness and/or chest pain; growth of varicose veins; unexplained infertility (perhaps it is because some of us are still having a menstrual "cycle" that started two years ago) or other crippling side effects, please join my effort to sue the makers of Depo Provera.

I am not a lawyer, I have not yet filed suit. I'm just trying to get an idea of how many women have suffered such life-altering side effects that they will not stop until the makers of the Depo Provera shot have been punished for what we perceive to be an insidious campaign of insufficient testing, ignoring test results, misleading advertising and irresponsible administration of the drug.

If there is enough interest in this suit, I will retain an attorney to pursue a class action lawsuit seeking actual and punitive damages.

From what I learned in the few law classes I took as part of my political science minor, I understand one may sue for damages in cases of:

1. Monetary loss -- have side effects such as fainting, dizziness, headaches, fatique, anemia or other symptoms caused you to miss work? To be passed over for a promotion you would have gotten if you were your old, pre-Depo self? To seek medical help that your insurance wouldn't cover? You have been damaged financially and may sue for monetary losses.

2. Pain and suffering -- have you suffered fainting spells, dizziness, year (or more) long periods, headaches, fatigue, ovarian cysts or tumors, infertility or anemia? If a guy can win 'pain and suffering' after spilling a too-hot McDonalds coffee in his lap, misinformed women can win damages for pain and suffering incurred by taking a contraceptive shot that consequently wreaked havoc on their body and reproductive system.

3. Punitive damages -- this is an award, often a large one, a jury decides the company must pay as punishment for negligence, actual malice, etc. If the jury finds that the company has done something wrong, they will order the company to pay these damages as a punishment, and as a disincentive to other companies for doing similar things.

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If you would like to join my effort to sue Depo Provera (we may be able to do this without legal fees, otherwise you can remove yourself later), please contact me at