Strong's 3068 King James 3068 jhvih adonaj Lord King James Restored K.J. Vesion Jehovah - Yahweh

Strong's Hebrew Dictionary (The Hebrew and Greek Words of Strong's Exhaustive Concordance) by James Strong, S.T.D., LL.D. 1890

3050 Yahh, yaw; contraction for 3068, and meaning the same;
Jah, the sacred name: — Jah, the Lord, most vehement. Compare names in "-iah," "- jah."
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Yahh: 3050 ;
Word Origin: Hebrew, Proper Name
contraction for (03068), and meaning the same
1. Jah (Jehovah in the shortened form)
a. the proper name of the one true God
b. used in many compounds
1. names beginning with the letters 'Je'
2. names ending with 'iah' or 'jah'
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The Complete Jewish Bible By David H. Stern

When Moshe turned aside in the wilderness of Midyan to see the bush that burned without being consumed, God revealed himself to him and told him his own personal Name.
That Name in Hebrew consists of the four letters Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh and is therefore called the tetragrammaton (four-letter writing).
The Bible makes it clear that this Name was not to be used casually. The third commandment prohibits taking God’s Name in vain, and the man who used it in a curse was put to death at God’s explicit instruction. Already by Yeshua’s time, no one ever spoke God’s name except the cohen hagadol (high priest) when he entered the Especially Holy Place in the temple to make atonement for the sins of Isra’el on Yom Kippur. So strictly was this rule enforced that when the Masoretes wrote down the vowel points for the Torah, they did not write the actual vowels to be used in pronouncing the tetragrammaton. By then, the word Adonai, which is a term for God found frequently in the Bible and which means “my Lord,” was said instead of the Name whenever the Torah was read; so the Masoretes put the vowel pointing for “Adonai” under the letters Yud-Heh-Vav-Heh. To this day, when the Torah is read in the synagogue, “Adonai” is substituted for the Name. The English word “Jehovah” is an English representation of the Name (J-H-V-H) combined with the vowel sounds of “Adonai,” a hybrid word without historical foundation. Most English translations represent the Name by “Lord,” written as it is here, in large and small capital letters. More than six thousand times the Complete Jewish Bible uses the Hebrew word Adonai also in large and small capital letters (and italicized, like other Hebrew words) to represent the tetragrammaton.


The Complete Jewish Bible By David H. Stern

Exodus 15:2

Yah is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation. This is my God: I will glorify him; my father’s God: I will exalt him

Exodus 17:16

and said, "Because their hand was against the throne of Yah, Adonai will fight ‘Amalek generation after generation."

Joshua 15:28  Hatzar-Shu‘al, Be’er-Sheva, Bizyot-Yah,

1 Kings 12:22

But this word from God came to Sh’ma‘yah the man of God:


Isaiah 12:2

“See! God is my salvation. I am confident and unafraid; for Yah Adonai is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation


Isaiah 26:4

Trust in Adonai forever, because in Yah Adonai is a Rock of Ages."


Isaiah 38:11

"I said, ‘I will never again see Yah, Yah in the land of the living; I will look on human beings no more or be with those who live in this world.


Jeremiah 29:24

"To Sh’ma‘yah the Nechelami you are to communicate this message:

Jeremiah 29:31

instructing him to send to all those in exile this message: "Here is what Adonai says about Sh’ma‘yah the Nechelami: ‘This Sh’ma‘yah has prophesied to you, even

  though I did not send him, and has caused you to put your trust in a lie.

Jeremiah 29:32

Because of this,’ Adonai says, ‘I will punish Sh’ma‘yah the Nechelami and his offspring. He will not have a man to live among this people, and he will not see the

  good I am planning to do for my people,’ says Adonai, ‘because he has preached rebellion against Adonai.""""

Jeremiah 42:1

Then all the military commanders, Yochanan the son of Kareach, Y’zanyah the son of Hosha‘yah and all the people, from the least to the greatest, approached

Jeremiah 43:2

then ‘Azaryah the son of Hosha‘yah, Yochanan the son of Kareach and all the men with him had the effrontery to say to Yirmeyahu, “You are lying! Adonai our
  God did not send you to say, ‘Don’t go to Egypt and live there’!

Zechariah 6:10

“Take [gifts] from the exiles of Heldai, Toviyah, and Y’da‘yah, who have arrived from Bavel; then you, go to the house of Yoshiyah the son of Tz’fanyah.

Zechariah 6:14

The other crowns will be for Helem, Toviyah, Y’da‘yah and Hen the son of Tz’fanyah; then [they are to be kept] as a memorial in the temple of Adonai.
Psalms 68:4 Sing to God, sing praises to his name; extol him who rides on the clouds by his name, Yah; and be glad in his presence


Psalms 68:18 so that Yah, God, might live there.
Psalms 77:11 So I will remind myself of Yah's doings;
Psalms 89:8 Who is as mighty as you, Yah?
Psalms 94:7 They say, "Yah isn't looking; the God of Ya‘akov won’t notice."
Psalms 94:12 How happy the man whom you correct, Yah,
Psalms 118:5 From my being hemmed in I called on Yah;
Psalms118:14 Yah is my strength and my song,
Psalm 118:17 and proclaim the great deeds of Yah!
Psalm 118:18 Yah disciplined me severely,
Psalm 118:19 I will enter them and thank Yah.
Psalm 130:3 Yah, if you kept a record of sins,
Psalm 135:3 praise Yah, for Adonai is good;
Psalm 135:4 For Yah chose Ya'akov for himself,
Song of Sol. 8:6 [She] Set me like a seal on your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, passion as cruel as Sh’ol; its flashes are flashes of fire, [as fierce as
  the] flame of Yah
Ezra 2:36 descendants of Y'da'yah, of the house of Yeshua 973
Ezra 8:7 of the descendants of 'Eilam: Yesha'yah the son of 'Atalyah,
Ezra 8:13 of the descendants of Adonikam: the younger ones, whose names were Elifelet, Ye'i'el and Sh'ma'yah,
Ezra 8:16 So I sent for Eli'ezer, Ari'el, Sh'ma'yah, Elnatan, Yariv, Elnatan, Natan, Z'kharyah and Meshulam, who were leaders, and also for Yoyariv and Elnatan, who were men
  of discernment.
Ezra 8:19 Hashavyah, with Yesha'yah, from the descendants of M'rari, and twenty of his kinsmen and their sons;
Ezra 10:15 Only Yonatan the son of 'Asah'el and Yachz'yah the son of Tikvah, supported by Meshulam and Shabtai the Levi, opposed this.
Ezra 10:21 of the sons of Harim: Ma'aseiyah, Eliyah, Sh'ma'yah, Yechi'el and 'Uziyah;
Ezra 10:31 of the descendants of Harim: Eli'ezer, Yishiyah, Malkiyah, Sh'ma'yah, Shim'on,
Nehemiah 3:10 Next to him Y'dayah the son of Harumaf made repairs opposite his own house. Next to him Hatush the son of Hashavn'yah made repairs.
Nehemiah 3:29 After them Tzadok the son of Immer made repairs opposite his house. After him Sh'ma'yah the son of Sh'khanyah, the keeper of the East Gate, made repairs
Nehemiah 6:10 One day, when I went to the house of Sh'ma'yah the son of D'layah, the son of M'heitav'el, where he was confined, he said, "Let's meet together in the house of
  God, inside the temple, and let's shut the doors of the temple. For they are going to come and try to assassinate you; yes, they will come at night to kill you."
Nehemiah 7:39 descendants of Y'da'yah, of the house of Yeshua 973
Nehemiah 9:5 Then the L'vi'im Yeshua, Kadmi'el, Bani, Hashavn'yah, Sherevyah, Hodiyah, Sh'vanyah and P'tachyah said, "Stand up, and bless Adonai your God from everlasting to
  everlasting; let them say:
Nehemiah 10:8 Ma'azyah, Bilgai and Sh'ma'yah. These were the cohanim.
Nehemiah 11:7 These are the people of Binyamin: Salu the son of Meshulam, the son of Yo'ed, the son of P'dayah, the son of Kolayah, the son of Ma'aseiyah, the son of Iti'el, the
  son of Yesha'yah.
Nehemiah 11:10 From the cohanim: Y'da'yah the son of Yoyariv, Yakhin,
Nehemiah 11:15 From the L'vi'im: Sh'ma'yah the son of Hashuv, the son of 'Azrikam, the son of Hashavyah, the son of Buni,
Nehemiah 12:6 Sh'ma'yah, Yoyariv, Y'da'yah,
Nehemiah 12:7 Salu, 'Amok, Hilkiyah and Y'da'yah. These were the leaders of the cohanim and their kinsmen during the time of Yeshua.
Nehemiah 12:18 of Bilgai, Shamua; of Sh'ma'yah, Y'honatan;
Nehemiah 12:19 of Yoyariv, Matnai; of Y'da'yah, 'Uzi;
Nehemiah 12:21 of Hilkiyah, Hashavyah; and of Y'da'yah, N'tan'el.
Nehemiah 12:32 After them went Hosha'yah and half of the leaders of Y'hudah,
Nehemiah 12:34 Y'hudah, Binyamin, Sh'ma'yah and Yirmeyah.
Nehemiah 12:35 With them were some of the sons of the cohanim carrying trumpets, namely, Z'kharyah the son of Yonatan the son of Sh'ma'yah, the son of Mattanyah, the son of
  Mikhayah, the son of Zakur, the son of Asaf,
Nehemiah 12:36 and his kinsmen, Sh'ma'yah, 'Azar'el, Milalai, Gilalai, Ma'ai, N'tan'el, Y'hudah and Hanani, who had the musical instruments of David the man of God. 'Ezra the
  Torah-teacher led them.
Nehemiah 12:42 also Ma'aseiyah, Sh'ma'yah, El'azar, 'Uzi, Y'hochanan, Malkiyah, 'Eilam and 'Ezer. The singers sang loudly, directed by Yizrachyah.
1Chronicles 3:21 The sons of Hananyah: P'latyah and Yesha'yah. His son was Refayah. His son was Arnan. His son was 'Ovadyah. And his son was Sh'khanyah.
1Chronicles 3:22 The sons of Sh'khanyah: Sh'ma'yah and the sons of Sh'ma'yah - Hatush, Yig'al, Bariach, Ne'aryah and Shafat - six.
1Chronicles 4:37 Ziza the son of Shif'i the son of Alon the son of Y'da'yah the son of Shimri the son of Sh'ma'yah -
1Chronicles 5:44 The descendants of Yo'el: his son Sh'ma'yah, his son Gog, his son Shim'i,
1Chronicles 9:10 Of the cohanim: Y'da'yah, Y'hoyariv, Yakhin,
1Chronicles 9:14 Of the L'vi'im: Sh'ma'yah the son of Hashuv the son of 'Azrikam the son of Hashavyah, from the descendants of M'rari;
1Chronicles 9:16 Ovadyah the son of Sh'ma'yah the son of Galal the son of Y'dutun; and Berekhyah the son of Asa the son of Elkanah, who lived in the towns of the N'tofati.
1Chronicles 12:4 Yishma'yah the Giv'oni, one of the strongest of the thirty and commander of the thirty,
1Chronicles 12:5 Yirmeyah, Yachzi'el, Yochanan, Yozavad from G'derah,
1Chronicles 15:8 from the descendants of Elitzafan: Sh'ma'yah the chief, and 200 of his kinsmen;
1Chronicles 15:11 David called for Tzadok and Evyatar the cohanim and for the L'vi'im - Uri'el, 'Asayah, Yo'el, Sh'ma'yah, Eli'el and 'Amminadav -
1Chronicles 24:6 Sh'ma'yah the son of N'tan'el the secretary, one of the L'vi'im, recorded them in the presence of the king, the officers, Tzadok the cohen, Achimelekh the son of
  Evyatar, and the clan leaders of the cohanim and of the L'vi'im - with two clan divisions taken from El'azar for each one from Itamar.
1Chronicles 24:7 the second for Y'da'yah,
1Chronicles 24:20 The rest of the descendants of Levi: of the descendants of 'Amram, Shuva'el; of the descendants of Shuva'el, Yechd'yah.
1Chronicles 26 4 'Oved-Edom had sons: Sh'ma'yah the firstborn, Y'hozavad the second son, Yo'ach the third, Sakhar the fourth, N'tan'el the fifth,
1Chronicles 26:6 To his son Sh'ma'yah were born sons who ruled over their father's clan, because they were strong, brave men.
1Chronicles 26:7 The sons of Sh'ma'yah: 'Otni, Refa'el and his brothers 'Oved and Elzavad, valiant men; also Elihu and S'makhyahu.
2Chronicles 11:2 But this word of Adonai came to Sh'ma'yah the man of God:
2Chronicles 12:5 Now Sh'ma'yah the prophet came to Rechav'am and the leaders of Y'hudah who had gathered in Yerushalayim because of Shishak and said to them, "Here is what
  Adonai says: 'Because you have abandoned me, I have abandoned you to the hands of Shishak.'"
2Chronicles 12:7 When Adonai saw that they had humbled themselves, this word of Adonai came to Sh'ma'yah: "Because they have humbled themselves, I will not destroy them but
  will grant them a measure of deliverance. My wrath will not be poured out on Yerushalayim through Shishak.
2Chronicles 12:15 The activities of Rechav'am from beginning to end are written in the genealogically organized histories of Sh'ma'yah the prophet and 'Iddo the seer. But there were
  continual wars between Rechav'am and Yarov'am.
2Chronicles 29:14 of the descendants of Heman, Yechi'el and Shim'i; and of the descendants of Y'dutun, Sh'ma'yah and 'Uzi'el.
2Chronicles 35:9 Konanyah, his brothers Sh'ma'yah and N'tan'el, and Hashavyah, Ye'i'el and Yozavad, the head L'vi'im, gave the L'vi'im 5,000 [lambs and kids] and 500 oxen for
  Pesach offerings.