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1st Tuesday*
Field day 1:00-3:00
Meet at Regional Park for kickball in the fall and softball in the spring.
Bring any equipment you have.
For those that have young children, there is playground equipment near the ball fields we use.
Bring a snack and we'll eat together following the games.
Last year we bowled during the cold months, we'll check on doing that again.

2nd Tuesday
Y day 10:00-12:00
Meet at the YMCA for gym activities at 10:00 and swimming at 11:00.
Cost is $1.50 per child per hour. Maximum of $10 per family.

3rd Tuesday
Open for field trips

4th Tuesday
Skate day 1:00-3:00
Meet at Emmanuel Baptist Church for skating at 1:00 and jumprope, basketball, etc at 2ish.
Address is 307 4th Ave. SE
Bring your own skates, or use the ones at the church. Bring jumpropes, skip-its, etc.
Cost is $1 per child.

Fall 2003 Enrichment**
Fridays, Sept 12-Nov 7

Spring 2004 Enrichment
Fridays, Jan 30-Apr 2

*We will begin our activities with Y day in September. We will not have field day until October.

**You must already be enrolled to participate. We are now pre-enrolling for spring 2004. Please call or email me if you would like to participate.

Please print this info and hang somewhere or, better yet, transfer to your calendar :0)