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Aaron: "I haven't got any bad habits that I know of, but Nick has - he picks his nose! Hahaha! Now I've got him back for sticking me out on the hotel balcony in just my underwear last night!"

Once AJ stuck a banana into nicks microphone right before there first concert in the USA so Nick ended up singing in a banana half the time.

Brian: I was in Belgium and I bought a massive bag of buns. I became really sick of them after a while, so I put some on our soundman's chair and he ended up with a sticky butt! I thought it was hilarious, but he got really angry!

Nick stuck a Kit Kat bar into Howie's mouth once, and he tried to bite it. . .the problem was that Howie was sleeping at the time!

Aaron: "Me and Nick always play hide & seek, but I go off to hide and he just leaves me there. I waited for him for a long time once when I went into the house he was playing on his computer!"

Brian: "Once we were performing a song from the new album and...I blanked on the words! I ended up just humming along. The others were useless- they were laughing and didn't try to help me out at all!"

Aaron: "I play with Nick all the time, but sometimes he's not very nice to me. He pushes me in the river and once he pointed into the sky and said "Look at that," but when I looked up he punched me in the stomach. I think he's great!"

One time the Boys got together and put tooth paste in Aaron’s ears!

Angela Lehman (BSB Personal Stylish/Make-up Artist): "Since Howie loves to show off his chest during the show, my assistant and I decided to safety pin all the buttons on his shirt so he couldn't pull it open. When he came backstage to change into his shirt and found out that he had to slip the shirt over his head, he was [frantic]. He wouldn't go onstage until we took out all of the pins...Needless to say, he was late on his entrance!

Aaron: "...I pretend I'm about to punch him in the stomach and then when he puts his hands down to protect himself, I slap him round the face! I beat Nick up all the time!"

Nick once had rigged the guys' mics so they sounded weird. They all sounded different. Well the guys had watched him and fixed them and had enough time to rig Nicks. The bad part was Nick sang lead on that particular song.

A.J.: "I brought our percussion section down, the whole thing crashed on stage!" (his shirt got caught in it)

Once Aaron made Nick look in the river, and pushed him in! Nick once stole all of AJ's clothes one night from his hotel room!

Aaron once told Nick that there was a present for him in his room, then he locked Nick there for an hour. When Nick got out, well. . .let's just say that he wasn't very happy.

Aaron kicked Nick and ran up a tree.

Donna Wright (BSB Manager): "Nick would always pull practical jokes. Stuff like gum that has fish eggs in it or gum that turns your mouth black. He just did it to me in Canada. Your mouth will go on fire!"

Tim Berkebile (BSB Musical Director & Drummer): One of the best [pranks] was the Christmas [show], when, near the end of the show, the Boys dressed in red and white Santa robes and began a song in a capella. At this time, a large 12 foot, fully decorated Christmas tree would usually be lowered out of the lighting rig behind them. However, on the last tour night, the crew decided on using a one and a half foot tree with about three lights on it. As it came out of the rig and began to hang right over the Boys-sometimes hitting them on the head!- the look on their faces was great. Through it all, they just kept singing!

Brian (talking 'bout Nick): "Once, we threw him out of the dressing room in his underwear in front of a whole bunch of girls. He got real mad, but it was really funny!!"

AJ (talking about Nick): "Nick's a real prankster. Last tour, he put a sock filled with different odds and ends that really stank (he won't reveal the exact contents) behind the drums, and during the show, it started smelling real bad. Revenge is being plotted as we speak."