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Peggy and Dana, Cherokee sisters have extensive experience in teaching basketry to all ages and all experiences. They are available for teaching, demonstrating and making presentations of Southeastern Indian basketry culture.
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Cherokee Patterns, and Booklets

Peggy Sanders Brennan


View: Cherokee Basket Weaving Booklet, Original Patterns, and Baskets

Purchase Weaving Cherokee Baskets , spiral bound booklet has original Cherokee pattern with detailed instructions. Learn about gathering and processing plants for weaving baskets, making dyes. Booklet contains information about Southeast Indian baskets and culture.   Contact Peggy at darondasbasekts@yahoo.com

About Natural Dyes, excerpt

Pattern Photos

Chief's Daughter's Mat
Chief's Daughters and Arrows Mat
Chief's Daughters and Arrow Tray
Chief's Daughters with Arrows Basket
Corn Catcher Basket
Cherokee Two Step Basket
Cherokee Purse Reverse Pattern
Cherokee Wicker Double Wall
Cherokee Purse


Cherokee Double Wall Pattern [double wall wicker basket]

The pattern uses #2 round reed. The completed basket will be about 3" tall and 4" to 5" round.

The Cherokee double wall basket is a wicker plaited basket. It was created by the Oklahoma (Western) Cherokees when they were removed from North Carolina to Oklahoma. This writer believes the wicker basket has strong resemblance to the Appalacian sewing basket. The traditional basket of Oklahoma is woven of honeysuckle or buckbrush. Many weave the basket in round reed for a contemporary basket.

Contact Peggy at darondasbaskets@yahoo.com

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[sunflower] Paul Hamel, author of Cherokee Plants, wrote to gather plants in the same spirit that the Indians gathered. "Never take the first, or second, or third plant you find, nor take what cannot be used, nor take more than can be used." We must recognize the fragility of these places, cherish what is left, and leave it intact. For this our grandchildren will thank us.


Peggy Sanders Brennan, and
Dana Sanders Talbert
Cherokee sister basketweavers


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