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RareMew's Pokémaniac Page

Welcome to my Site! Here you can "Catch 'Em All!!" Please enjoy my site and send in some comments and suggestions on how to make my Site to fit your requirements. You can here Also!! Please visit and Post a message on the Message Board!! NOTE: Registration is OPTIONAL but Recommended!!!!!

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This Week's Pokémon "Did You Know?"


What is the real way to catch Mew?

Gameshark Code:

HOW TO GET MEW #151: on your gamehshark type 0115D8CF AND GO INTO ANY OPEN FIELD AND YOU WILL SEE A POKEMON THAT LOOKS LIKE MiSsInGnO.The picture will be scrambled but when you catch it it will be fine. This code is safe. Mew will even go into your Pokédex!

Regular Way!! No Gameshark!! (*Get Mew #151 without gameshark!!!*)*This code really works!!!* To get mew you have to get a magikarp or buya magikarp at level 5, and then go to the day care center and let the magikarp stay there until he is at level 50.When you take him out of the day are he is can check on him to see how far he's grow.Like my magikarp was at level five and I gave him to the day care and it said he had grown 30 levels up so now my magikarp is at level 35, I let him stay there a a little bit longer and he grew 15 levels up and now he is at level 50 and when i took him out it was mew.

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UPDATES!! 2/2/00

  • Pokemon "Did You Know?" Is Up!! Pokémon Trivia!
  • We have awards now!! I haven't put them up yet. But it's the Traditional Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards. Also: Look for a one time offer on a Ancient Mew Award!
  • No New News Today except we got a Banner!! Look Below to see it!!
  • Working on Base Set of Cards!
  • Working on Pics Page!!! It WILL take a LONG while tto get ALL of my pics up there!!

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