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Sheikh Zyed in close conference with Sheikh Saqr Ben Mohammed Al Qasimi Ruler of Ras al Khaima  *2*
 Ras al Khaima (meaning headland of tent) covers 1,700 sq. kms territorially, while the total area, including maritime waters, is 4,900 sq. kms. Ras al Khaima ranks fourth among the seven Emirates in terms of area. The town of Ras al Khaima is divided into two parts by water gill named Khour Ras al Khaima. The western part is known as the Old Ras al Khaima, it comprises Ras al Khaima National Museum and some of the governmental departments. The eastern part, known as Al Nakheel, comprises the Ruler's office, governmental departments and commercial companies. It has an extremely mountainous borderline with Sultanate of Oman to the South and Northeast. A number of important islands are part of the emirate, the best known are the Bigger Tunub and Smaller Tunub.
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Ras al Khaima Postal History
Ras al Khaima post office was opened on December 21, 1964. Its first set, which was issued at the same day of the opening of the post office, borrowed heavily from the original Trucial States designs. Like the other Trucial States, Ras al Khaima start issuing the usual pattern, Churchill, Kennedy, Tokyo Olympic Games, and French president De Gaulle. From the opening of post office in 1964 to the last issued set during the year 1972, Ras al Khaima issued 1036 stamps and 70 souvenir sheets this do not include imperf issues  *1*.
 Ras al Khaima Cancels
Independent Postal Administration Cancels
During the postal history of Ras al Khaima five different cancels were used during the independent postal administration, and one of these cancels (Type 5) was continued in use during the UAE postal administration.
Type 1
The Small Circle Cancel
 The first Ras al Khaima cancel is the small circle cancel (Type 1) inscribed “RAS EL-KHAIMAH PO / R” in English and Arabic, the “R” stand for Registration. The cancel tied with the violet ink, and its size is 27½mm in diameter. Note the “EL” and the “H” in “RAS EL KHAIMAH” which will not appear in later types of Ras al Khaima cancels.

Type 2
Al Jazirah Cancel
The Al Jazirah cancel (Type 2) is the most difficult and unusual type that used in Ras al Khaima. The cancel inscribed
“AL JAZIRAH P.O.” in English and Arabic in violet ink. The “JAZIRAH” is an Arabic word, which means, “ISLAND”.

Type 3
The Second Circle Cancel
The second circle cancel with a date rectangular box (Type 3) came into use during the year 1965. The cancel inscribed
"RAS AL KHAIMA" in English and Arabic. It's a 29½ mm in diameter.

Type 4
The Registered Circle Cancel
The registered circle cancel (Type 4) is a copy of the second type but with a simple addition, it was added "Registered" in Arabic and "R" in English.

Type 5
The Last Circle Cancel
The last circle cancel (Type 5) with two lines separate the upper Arabic part, date, and the lower English part is the most common type. The cancel inscribed “RAS AL KHAIMA” in English and Arabic. The cancel is same as type three but the font in Arabic is quit different plus the separation lines. The cancel was used during the UAE postal administration.
UAE Postal Administration Cancels
As I have mentioned, the last Independent cancel “Type 4” was known used during the UAE postal administration.
Type 6
UAE Double Circle Cancel
The UAE double circle cancel (Type 6) is the first UAE Postal Administration Cancel. The cancel inscribed
“RAS AL-KHAIMA, UAE” in English and Arabic and it's used with two different color, violet and black ink.

Type 7
RAS AL KHAIMAH Double Circle Cancel
Ras al Khaimah double circle cancel (Type 7) is the second type of UAE postal administration cancels used for registered mail only. The cancel inscribed "RAS AL KHAIMAH" in English and Arabic.
Note: The addition "H" in "RAS AL KHAIMAH".

Type 8
Nakheel Double Circle Numbered Cancel
Nakheel double circle cancel (Type 8) is the third UAE postal administration cancel introduced during the late 1970s. The cancel inscribed "NAKHEEL" in English and Arabic and numbered "1", "2", and "3".

Type 9
Ras al Khaimah Machine Cancel
This is the first machine cancel that used in Ras al Khaima. The Ras al Khaimah machine cancel (Type 9) used only during the UAE postal administration and it inscribed "RAS AL KHAIMAH" in English and Arabic.

Type 10
Idhen Double Circle Cancel
Idhen double circle cancel (Type 10) introduced on September 11th, 1987. The cancel is the only postal agency that used in Ras al Khaima. It inscribed "Postal Agency No. 6 / IDHEN" in Arabic and English.
UAE - Ras al Khaima Post Offices
The post offices in Ras al Khaima during the UAE postal administration are:
1. Ras al Khaimah Central
2. Nakheel
3. Rams
4. Shaim
5. Gezira Hamra
6. Digdaga
Ras al Khaimah Postal Agencies: -

There is one postal agency work under the Ras al Khaimah Central Post Office. The postal agency was opened on September 11th, 1987. See UAE postal administration cancel Type 10.

Idhen Postal Agency in Ras al Khaima
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*1*: THE Arab World PHILATELIST - R. Howard Courtney - 1978  *2*: THE UAE VISIONS OF CHANGE - Noor Ali Rashid - 1997.
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