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What a long, and strange trip it has been so far!
All those who favor the new look, raise your hands...what do you think?
Let me know, but since I've had the same look since 1998, I really needed a change.

hamsterThis cute little fellow, came from


Badger's is a gif mall, and it is breathtaking, with a huge variety of artists from all over the world.
This cute little hamester's artist is the first link...she does exceptional work, and you go abroad into another little the earth is with a computer!

If you have a weak stomach, then don't check out,
This is created by Tom Winkler and he really knows his stuff...having done animations for that great t.v. show, The Simpsons.
Link two is the best animated gallery that I have seen on the web, so check out Badgers.
And, for all of those people who miss Seinfeld well, link number three is just for you.

The midi link, is the number four this week,
Piano Works, Classical Piano, Piano Classics, Violin and Piano, and they has a great selection.

So, remember to visit the Badger mall, and travel abroad to our hamster's artist's the first one, and if anyone could tell me the pronunciation of the link, I would love to have it.

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August 23, 2000

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