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The Devil's Lil' Angel.



Yeah, so this is me on a really bad day (This is the newest picture of me, taken on November 5, 2001). Heh. Ill have some more pictures that look WAY better posted soon with me in my leather pants and not tired as a mother fucker. Unfortunatly this was at 7 in the morning at school none the I dont look the greatest...If you do want to see more pictures, look under the links, my new ones are there (Yuck, be prepared to be scared). I will be getting more...and better ones..WAY better ones...believe me this one time.

So, this is me. Think I'm a freak? Well, who cares, not like I haven't heard it before. Currently I have dark, spiky, black hair with long red bangs (though not like you care, but I am going to tell you anyway!). I have blue eyes, also I have 5 pairs of contacts (Knockouts, Icefire, Wolf, Cat Eyes, and Red and White Spirals). I weight about 103-105 pounds to be precise. My nickname, as you can see, is Syn. I only wish this was my real name. My real name is Christine Alexandra Bauer, and I was born on July 21, 1985. I like to draw, play guitar, party, go to raves, play pool, play pool, play pool, (Think ya got the hint) and anything else that comes about that is fun. I'm into bands like MuDvAyNe, Slipknot,System of a Down, Tool, Type O Negative (Hell yeah) and of course I cannot forget Linkin Park (Yeah, yeah, I know it's all soft core compared to the others). And yeah, you don't like any of them, well..Bite me. Heh. Best fuckin' movies in my opinion (Don't ask why I'm putting the movies I like, I don't even know why the hell I made this page to begin with!) but the best fuckin' movies I have seen are Nightmare Before Christmas (of course!), Fight Club (Im obsessed with this movie), American History X ( Heh, has the guy from Fight Club), The Fast and the Furious (Oh my GOD I want one of those Civics or that Supra, or better yet, one of them with Vin Diesel -Drools-), Pitch Black (Funny how it's got Vin Diesel in it too...heh..),Pi (Creepy...), Memento (Just fuckin' weird) and a few others which I cant seem to remember at the moment. And -Yes- I make comments on almost all of those, why? Because I can, and no I am not usually this arrogant. Hehe, anyhow, this is me, not that you care or want to know more. Like I said I don't even know why I made this web page to begin with, so with what little is here, enjoy! And from the remarks I have heard about my page I am going to say one thing...I AM NOT A SATANIST! God...Just because the graphics look cool you people think that. Ever think that I just LIKE dark graphics? Geez.


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