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I am the one, a soulless abomination, I am the brunt of the segregation, I am the liar, the wretch, the bad, I am the friend that many used to have. An empty hate, no longer sweet, Cold inside, no longer able to weep, What once was feelings is there no more, There is nothing for them to be there for. You all say you want them back, you see, You don't understand, you all did this to me. So remember when it comes to a persons fate Think back and look upon this empty hate, You might want to think before you do, Because one day it might come back on you too. So laugh all you want at your insults and cause, Just don't forget you all have your flaws, And the day you feel the same emptiness as me, I'll look back at you all and laugh with my own bit of glee, And one day I hope you'll remember these grey eyes, And I hope for the world that it kills you inside, And I hope with that killing it makes you bleed, Makes you bleed your emotions, something you need. And I hope when they are drained your lifeless inside, For this is not something you can run from and hide, May it stay with you, and may a long life you live, This hope for you I surely do give, Just so you can feel what damage people like you can do, I hope you die inside, brutally, I do Oh, I do.. †Syn†